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:: 2006 15 May :: 12.29 am


Life is going along all right I'd hafta say.
Somebody needs a pillow to lie down on....
Somebody never emailed me.....
Somebody with red hair is still a goofball....
Somebody else still likes making waffles...

It's coming! I don't even feel older......I feel younger actually.....

miss you guys <3

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:: 2006 1 May :: 9.09 pm

I must say, you're lookin very good amelia, I'm proud of you.

I'm just sayin...

"there's just so much that time cannot erast"

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:: 2006 29 April :: 8.24 am


what hurts the most, is having such beautiful memories...

"the best part of beLIEve is the lie..."

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:: 2006 20 April :: 8.44 pm

for some reason my heart a lot. I'm just sick....of adjfsklajsd

if i could just close my eyes forever.......

"you're beautiful, it's true"

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:: 2006 19 April :: 10.00 pm

Cut my wrists and black my eyes
So I can fall asleep tonight, or die


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:: 2006 13 April :: 7.44 am

good morning!

Ah, I just had some nice eye rubbins.
I'm still tired though.....shit.
Maybe I'll take a nap at lunch break.

mish you all


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:: 2006 11 April :: 9.43 pm

It hit....and hard. How much I honestly miss you. Just ask the tears on my face, they'll tell you all about it. I watched the video of you holding me before I had to leave for idaho, and it's just so sad. I miss it....I miss it all....

" I promise I won't get jealous. We'll make a song, and when we hum it, or whistle it, or sing it, then we'll know that we love one another"

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:: 2006 7 April :: 10.04 pm

So pretty much I see that things are better, and people are moving on. I feel that it's time for me to move on as well. I wish you the best of luck in life Amelia, but I don't want to really be a big part in it. You seem to have gotten a hold of help that you can have, and found something to love again. I'm moving on now. I'm here if you ever need help, but I just don't want to be part of this "victim" game anymore. I don't like feeling sad, or down, or jealous. So the best way I think of solving it is to just move on.

"And I'm never coming back"

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:: 2006 4 April :: 7.52 am

You finally did it. You kissed me in my dreams last night. It was weird, it was a dream as if we were just getting to see eachother for the "first" time again. Brooke and zuzu were there, and zuzu was mad at me for something. So I had a moment to talk to you. I gave you a hug, and we talked for a little bit. Then I had to leave, and as you were leaning in to give me a hug, you went for a kiss. I was avoidful at first, but then I gave in. Weird.....

"I never thought I would be able to kiss you again"

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:: 2006 3 April :: 12.38 am

Well.....I guess that's it then. I just have a few more things to wrap up here, and then I go...

I miss spokane, and the people there. I wish it was easier to visit. Brooke, we need to see eachother again soon, you silly emogirl. And Amelia, believe it or not, we need to see eachother again too. We still make a good trio of friends, wouldn't you say?

God I miss the good ol' days.....

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:: 2006 30 March :: 9.10 pm

at least the tears I cry for you do some good.

they make the trees grow....


:: 2006 27 March :: 8.11 pm

"My heart is yours to fill or burst
To break or bury
Or wear as jewelry...

....whichever you prefer...."

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:: 2006 27 March :: 12.42 am

Heh, today was a pretty good day. Kayley surprised me by getting me a studded belt. It's so awesome! And very thoughtful....

Brooke, you are SO emogirl right now. I think we need to talk or something like that, to get your emoness out. Cheer up kid, it'll be aight.

Amelia, what psuedonym should I go as for your letters, hmm???

Zuzu, I miss you, hope you are doing well. Tell stina hi for me too.

I'm out,

"And the hills are alive, with the sound of music."

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:: 2006 22 March :: 10.48 pm

Today was a bad day. And that only makes me feel lonlier.....

I just want things to be okay, to finally fucking work out. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm ever going to get to the day where things in my universe just ARE okay, and nothing goes wrong anymore.

"It's true romance is dead, I shot it in the chest and in the head"

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:: 2006 21 March :: 11.18 pm

I'll be fine
You'll be fine
Is this fine?
I'm not fine

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