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User:newbies (user# 3) Newbies
Location: Rockford, Michigan, United States
Information:This is where you can chat to other newbies, make some new friends. It's pretty pointless right now since there aren't that many users anyway but when the site gets more popular it'll be useful when trying to find other new users.
Members:(39) afterbloodimleftwithscars, alfatrion, andy, angel_bob, blackbutterfly, bluetrad, burn667, discoxbloodbath, faiththevampirelayer, gothic-lolita-doll, greeneyes, hazardoustwinkie, highlyevolved, hops13, irbaboon813, jossette, loser, maipink, massapeikko, musicaddict, plainmornings, problemchildwadd, punknoodles, punkrockchick, punkshoes, rainbow_bright, reddies, sammiegurl22, shadow_baka, slicksurf6, smaundercover, snorkle, spunky~bunky, tenzy, virulent, virulentbloodytears, wangusspaz00, whitetrashnerd, x0whitney
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Created:>2001-12-31 22:46:01
Last Update:04 29 2007
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