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Hello internet homie! It is I, BEEF, the crazy swine wench that writes a whole bunch of stupid babbles in this web journal! Sound's fun, you say? WELL SLAP ME WITH A CREAM HORN! So anyway, I'm Beef. Yup. I'm 16, have strawberry blonde hair, hazely eyes... And... Um... I like waffles. Yes. OK, that's all. Really. GET OUT OF MY LIFE!

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:: 2005 5 November :: 11.17 pm
:: Mood: Shitty as hell.
:: Music: Paperback Writer

I feel like shit.
The day was great! I went out with my friends to Kings Island, then we went out to eat, then we got ice cream! Then we took Kelsey (friend... I hope) home. Her parents were PISSED OFF. They grilled her to death, just because we were out having fun a ittle later then planned. Here's the message she sent me:

Oh god, it's Saturday and we just got back from kings island just so you know, AND MY PARENTS CALLLED THE SHERIFF! They were worried sick about me! I could have sworn that your dad said we were going to dinner after kings island! Now they say I can't do anything with you anymore! Well I can see you just I can't do anything with your family. God this sucks. I'm not blaming you or your dad (well maybe a bit) but...ARGH! What is with my parents? Sure if I were them I'd be a little mad, but I wouldn't be this upset! God I feel like bawling my eyes out but I can't.

I'm sorry that you have to hear this but I really really am upset. Don't be suprised if you suddenly get an angry email or call from my parents...god.

I don't know who to blame here I'm just like.....ahh

My parents are just freaks...gomen.

Tho maybe I should have called...

*Huff* guess I'll never see you again.


Great. Then she sends me back this message BLAMING ME 100%. OK, we had no cell phone so my Dad hunted down someone and finally we found someone who would lend us a phone bacuse another one of my friends wanted to call her family. SHE SHOULD HAVE FUCKING CALLED THEM THEN. Or, she should have said she wanted to go home instead of getting ice cream because her parents would be pissed. Now she's all, "I don't trust you, It's all your fault!" Please don't blame me. I'm not a fucking android, THIS IS KILLING ME INSIDE! I WROTE YOUR DAMN PARENTS, WHAT THE HELL DO THEY WANT?!?!?!? A FUCKING HUMAN SACRIFICE?!?!?!?! They're all, "I'm really dissapointed in you." Please, I'm crying, shaking, and for some odd reason my body is all warm and I'm exaughsted. I don't want to lose a friend... Damn I feel so shitty...


Now I just want to dissapeer because I fell like some sort of delinquent.

Damn it all.

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:: 2005 3 November :: 4.13 pm
:: Mood: listless
:: Music: It doesn't really matter what you wear, let the people stare.

Yay! OK, here we go. My sweet-age cosplay adventure.

The whole gang! From left to right, Annie as Aya, Kelsey as Izumi, Me as Ed, and Emily as Roy. Aren't we the berries?

Me as Ed. To bad it's blurry. Oh well, you can still see my niffty costume!

This guy was AWESOME. 0.0 I had to put his head on though, and that was kind of... awkward...

Ah yes, young love. No, it's just my homie being stalked my no face. Nothing big. Except that he stared at us for like, 5 minutes in advance... Not moving... The light from the ceiling makes it look like an act of God...


My sexy back... Because I know you all want to see it.


Bring it, cat. BRING IT.

BATTLE MODE!!! Who will win? Ed, of course. ^.^

My victory! Too bad it's blurry as hell.


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:: 2005 1 November :: 6.59 pm
:: Mood: DER! >.<

OK, so I lied...
Sorry... One more thing... I swear... JUST ONE!!!!!


OK, I'm spent.

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:: 2005 1 November :: 6.56 pm
:: Mood: Hi! ^.^
:: Music: GAH!

I got my cow pants back today! Yay! ^_^

OK. That's it. Seriously.

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:: 2005 1 November :: 6.55 pm
:: Mood: scared

Oh... Wait...
We saw this scary slide show of STD's today. I'm scarred for life.

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:: 2005 1 November :: 6.48 pm
:: Mood: okay
:: Music: That stupid Ahley Simpson "I didn't steal your boyfriend" or whatever song...

My sister is in this huge to-do over a book she lost. She's all, "IF I DON'T READ IT I'LL FAIL ENGLISH!!!!" Well, it was senior skip day so she had all day to read it.

On the other hand, I just checked my grades on edline. I'm doing pretty good, YAY!

My friends Dad comes home today after being in Iraq for a year... and that's about it. Yeah, prett uneventful.

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:: 2005 30 October :: 8.25 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: Never Ending Story

SUGOI-CON '06!!!!!!!!
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! SUGOI-CON WAS MORE FUN THAN A HICKORY SMOKED PIECE OF BACON AND TRUST ME, that's fun. So yeah, I went with my friends Kelsey, Emily, and Emily's little sister Annie. I was Ed, Emily was Roy, Kelsey was some Tokyo Black Cat Girl named Izumi, and Annie was Aya from Forbidden Dance. No one else besides us were allowed to go, so we had to brave the tundra by ourselves. I had a lot of fun, and met some... Interesting people. We met up with a girl named Kristen there, and she brought some homies from her school. She said, "Oh this is Beef..." and they responded, "Oh my gosh, we've wanted to meet you since forever!!!!!" I had no idea I was that popular... 0.o; They were cool though, and everyone there was really nice. I lost one of my gloves, but some guy found it and gave it back to me. He said I was the best Ed there and it made me feel all special inside. People asked for my picture, which was also pretty flattering. It will probably end up on the internet somewhere... There was this niffty spiffy guy who cos-played Al. He was full size too, it was really cool. Of course, I got my picture with him because I'm just THAT cool. This other guy was cos-playing no face, and he was really good. He kept wandering around, and finally he came into the DDR room where we were all just chillin'. Well, he stood there for about a minute just staring at us before he decides to wander over and loom over Emily. He loomed... and loomed... and loomed until Dad took a picture. Then he bowed, and floated away. He was sweet-age. Another thing, all these girls kept randomly running up to me, glomped me, and then squeal away. Except this one girl, who asked, "Excuse me, may I glomp you?" She was so polite that I was just like, "Sure, knock yourself out." Ah, the oddities of cos-play. It had my father completely baffled. What's a convention without buying crap, though? Oh yes, I bought crap. Within ten minutes, like half of my money was gone. I bought almost all FMA stuff, earrings, key chains, cute little tiny figurines, cell phone straps, and an Al plushie. I was gonna buy and Ed one too, but have you seen those things? They're scary! Ed looks like he's retarded... and it's sad. The could have made such a better plushie. The Al one is cute though! I also got a lot of pins, and Gungrave key chains. They had this awesome Grave hat, but it was $45, and I didn't have enough to buy it when I found it. Yes, it was tons of fun, but all good things must come to an end. We left all sad and such, I'll miss all the cos-play and crap you can buy. Oh well, until next year I suppose.

If you want to see the picture's from Sugoi-con, go to the following link. I apologize in advance, I lost my camera and had to use my Dad's stone age one, so some of the pictures are really blurry. Anyway, go here:

They should be there. If they don't load, I'll figure it out later...

Yay! Halloween is tomorrow! It sucks that it's on a Monday, but oh well! Free candy! I'll probably still be trick or treating when I'm 50.

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:: 2005 24 October :: 3.01 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: FMA 2nd ending theme.

I know this is bad... And I probably have a sure fire seat in Hell now... But I just got in a fight with my Grandmother... And I can't say it made me feel bad. No, in fact, I think all the annoying things she has done just bubbled up inside of me and then finally she lit the match and there was a BIG 'OL EXPLOSION! I'm sorry, but as soon as she starts running her mouth all the "terrible" things my Dad did. It was a divorce, people getting a divorce usually have fights. He didn't scar or severely harm my Mother, and he's been through hell the last few months with Aunt Marilyn and doesn't deserve some old woman's bullshit. Screw it. I guess she's just mad because we actually love our Dad and want to spend time with him instead of listening to her repeat the same pointless crap over and over. Get over it Grandma. People aren't perfect.

Anyway, My BIG chorus concert is tonight. Wish me luck! I don't think we're really ready yet... but wel'll try our best! FRESHMAN POWER!!!!!


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:: 2005 22 October :: 3.19 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: Ice cream truck music.

Why the hell is the Ice cream man coming in fall?

MY ED COSTUME IS SEX!!!!! >.< It's so niffty! My Aunt brought it over today in order to figure out the finishing touches with me. The only thing I'm not quite sure about is the little under jacket thing Ed wears. She just has it as a vest, and if I keep the red jacket on it will be OK... But if I get hot and want to take it off, I'm screwed. Oh well. I'm so very, very happy! Now just hope my hair is long enough to braid...

Yup. That's about it.


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:: 2005 19 October :: 7.12 pm
:: Mood: optimistic
:: Music: One ray of light always breaks through, follow wherever it takes you...

My cow PJ pants I'm making in sewing class, yeah, they DEFINE awesome.

So anyway, I went over to Lynne's today for 2 hours to work on our bloody math project. In two hours... we only got one paragraph done. -_-; The rest was spent listening to music. (How can anyone like the Click Five? The Veronica's and TATU rock my beezers off! ^.^)


We put up Halloween lights today. Yay! Festive! I love Halloween. I can't wait to be a ninja with batwings and a Freddy Kruger claw. Yes. The creativity.

Sugoi-con is coming! Yay! My Aunt said all she needed to do was measure me for Ed's outer coat thingy. Major sweet-age.

Best Quote of the Day:
"I'm getting bad juju from this french fry. I think I'll eat it... and end it's reign of terror." -Me... Who else?

Best song of the day:

"All about us"

They say
They don't trust
You, me, we, us
So we'll fall
If we must
Cause it's you, me
And it's all about
It's all about

It's all about us (all about us)
It's all about
All about us (all about us)
There's a theme that they can't touch
'Cause ya know (ah ah)
It's all about us (all about us)
It's all about
All about us
all about us
We'll run away if we must
'Cause ya know
It's all about us (It's all about us)
It's all about love (It's all about us)
In you I can trust (It's all about us)
It's all about us

If they hurt you
They hurt me too
So we'll rise up
Won't stop
And it's all about
It's all about

It's all about us (all about us)
It's all about
All about us (all about us)
There's a theme that they can't touch
'Cause ya know (ah ah)
It's all about us (all about us)
It's all about
All about us
all about us
We'll run away if we must
'Cause ya know
It's all about us (It's all about us)
It's all about love (It's all about us)
In you I can trust (It's all about us)
It's all about us

They don't know
They can't see
Who we are
Fear is the enemy
Hold on tight
Hold on to me
'Cause tonight

It's all about us
It's all about
All about us
There's a theme that they can't touch
'Cause ya know (ah ah)
It's all about us (all about us)
It's all about us (all about us)
It's all about
All about us (all about us)
There's a theme that they can't touch
'Cause ya know (ah ah)
It's all about us (all about us)
All about us
It's all about us (all about us)
It's all about
All about us (all about us)
There's a theme that they can't touch
'Cause ya know (ah ah)
It's all about us (all about us)

It's all about us (all about us)
It's all about
All about us (all about us)
We'll run away if we must
'Cause ya know (ah ah)
It's all about us (all about us)
It's all about
All about us (all about us)
We'll run away if we must
'Cause ya know (ah ah)
It's all about us (all about us)

It's all about us (It's all about us)
It's all about love (It's all about us)
In you I can trust (It's all about us)

It's all about us

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:: 2005 16 October :: 7.34 pm
:: Mood: enthralled
:: Music: When I think about you I touch myself (Ah ah ah!)

CABARET WAS THE BEST FUCKING MUSICAL I'VE EVER SEEN!!!! 0.0 It was so good, it makes me proud of my high school (and that's saying something). Going up against things I've seen by professionals, this was just as good IF NOT better. The end was so chilling, and all the actors did wonderfully. I LOVE THE MASTER OF CEREMONIES!!!! >.< It made me cry at the end, but it was spiffiest thing ever. OK, moving on...

Besides that, we went to the Renaissance Festival this Saturday. It was major sweet-age, and I was going to dress-up with my Mom, but I was afraid I would be too hot. Yes, sexy. No, I mean heat. Anyway, I FINALLY GOT WINGS! YES! I've wanted wings for like, 2 years now, but my mom was all, "It's a waste of money!" So finally she let's me get a pair this year. There all nifty and black, with little cobwebs on them. They look like bat wings and this fool made a joke about wanting to eat them as we left the festival. -_-; Strange...

And today I went to a corn maze with a small group of the homies. It was good times... EXCEPT THEY CHARGED $9 TO WALK THROUGH SOME DAMN DEAD CORN STALKS!!!!!!! Rip off... But still we had fun, and didn't really get lost ... so it's all good. Lynne, Emily, and I rode on one of those things where you sit in it and spin, yeah. It was some good times. And we saw chickens. Yeah, chickens are always a plus. I've seen more than my share of corn though, I must admit. I'm going to be a Ninja with a Freddy Kruger glove and fairy wings for Halloween. Yes, it has been decided.

I can't wait to start my 175 point math project with Lynne! Woot!

About FMA: Damn you Envy and Kimblee is awesome. Al is gonna kick some serious ass. ^.^

I believe that is all for now. Later.

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:: 2005 10 October :: 6.59 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Some rap song my sister is listening to...

Yesh. I went to fear fest this weekend. But before that, I went to BZ (a little hangout thingy) with Lynne, and met up with Emily, Kelsey and her man, and Megan and her really creepy man. REALLY creepy man. He called me frilly. Did I already say this? Well, anyway, we saw Shark boy and Lava girl. Best. Movie. Ever. OK, it was the worst piece of shit I've ever seen in my life and trust me, I've seen shitty shit. So yeah, Fear Fest really wasn't that scary, but it was fun. This guy behind me in the first house literally crushed my shoulders to death. He was all, "Don't worry!!!! I'll protect you!!!!!" and I'm all, >.< "Ow!" So yeah, my shoulders still aren't the same. He was nice though, and after the thingy I found out he was kind of cute, so it's all good. They had this thing called corn stalkers, and you couldn't avoid it because you had to walk through it to get from place to place unless you wanted to go around the whole damn park. It was funny. It was corn people. And they stalked you. ^.^ Good times. Did anyone watch FMA last Saturday? Yay! Explode! Sadness... How can Izumi survive with no organs? DOES SHE HAVE A SPLEEN?!?!?!? 0.0 That's all for now, my G dawgs. Yeah, that's right. I'm too cool to spell dawgs right!

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:: 2005 7 October :: 4.00 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: Family

Derf Derf Da Derf Derf
Well, tonight I suppose I'll see the gang. Oh joy and rapture! School today was interesting... After Jacob tried to sit on me. 0.o;;;; I'm still getting over that one... Will be for years... I went to the book fair today! Yay and whee! I got a book called The Alchemist... but I still want that damn Hitler book. Speaking of which, my sister made me get off the TV while I was watching a nazi show, just so she could watch a movie about Gay men. -.-; I was all, "But Hit-" and she was all "GIVE ME THE DAMN TV!!!! GAY MEN ARE ON!!!!" 0.0 In the end, I retreated to my comp... defeated.

The weekend is FINALLY here! You know what that mean, NEW EPISODES OF FMA!!!!! >.< Unfortunately, my Dad has no cable. Dammit. It's and Episode with Kimblee & Greed too... I think... OH WELL! Guess G-ma will have to tape it! ^.^; Good thing is, I get to play on my PS2 and watch DVD's! YES! ... I think that's all for now. Bye!

Gothic and Lolita
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K... Whatever floats the boat.

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:: 2005 2 October :: 4.17 pm
:: Mood: Yay!!!
:: Music: Listen to your heart... WHEN HE'S CALLING FOR YOU!!!!

Yay! Well, homecoming came and went in a blur of festivities. I got a dress, and my #1 homie Lynne helped pick it out and the pretty jewelry that went with it. It was all yellow and sparkly, a little low-cut, but still pretty! ^.^ Also, it was the only yellow dress there so you could find me easily. I went to a before homecoming party with all my G's that go to other schools and they all looked REALLY PRETTY! >.< We had some good time, and laughed, and ate. Then we went on to the dance, and had fun flying out our ears (HAR HAR!). I got pictures of people that I can easily use as blackmail, and I saw my sister make and idiot of herself. Yes, it was great. I mostly danced with Lynne and Emily, which was kinda awkward at first because non of us has ever really danced before, but we soon got into it and had sun dancing around like loser Freshman. Also, this idiot boy who we call Muffin was stalking Lynne the whole time, moping around like a loser. He was all depressed because she hates his guts and she brought someone besides him to the dance and he was all alone. So, I tried to be nice and invited him to dance with Emily and I, but he just went to Lynne and said, "I don't want to dance with your friends." Fine then. I guess I just won't be nice to his sorry ass anymore. But anyway, yup. Lynne slow danced with her date, but it ended after about a minute because the two are really just friends... And he kept going from her to another girl anyway. -_-; All in all, it was fun. I can't wait till next years!

Did anyone watch FMA yesterday? I'm so confused! ARGH! I wonder how my cos-play costume is going... Well, later internet peeps.

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:: 2005 29 September :: 3.49 pm
:: Mood: busy
:: Music: Butterfly

Yes. Homecoming is this Satuday and I still have no dress. *Sigh* The things girls must go through...

And my sister's a wench and decided she needs the computer RIGHT THIS SECOND so I must go after a word from our sponser:


OK BYE! >.<

You are Hisoka.

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