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:: 2004 3 June :: 11.28 pm
:: Music: Toxic, haha. louise's fault!

I <3 Louise
Wheezy6125 (8:25:48 PM): i just feel really sumb
Wheezy6125 (8:25:51 PM): *dumb
gotmusic111 (8:25:53 PM): LOL

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:: 2004 28 May :: 11.56 pm
:: Mood: bored but OK
:: Music: lalalala

well I guess I will update
How time flies! It has been sooo long since I have updated! Ha, I'm a loser!
Anyway, what shall I start with? Well, I caan't really remember much farther back than when I went to go see HAIRSPRAY in the city! It was so fun! Not as good as Broadway obviously, but it was awesome! Very fun! THen I came home and saw Nicole in Chess, and yes dear I did really like the show. So there. Sexy Russian! hehe.
Next day I went to chrurch! Ha! I went to see Melissa's beautiful church musical with Nicole, who by the way was sporting the very sexy ensemble of lovely black sweater, black pumps, and EGAN SWEATPANTS. Love ya babe! Anyway, we saw Mr. Shaull and Debbie. Mr. Shaull was like "Make Melissa laugh!" haha. I actually had quite a good time!
Anyway, crazy week. Lots of work and lots of singing. Good concert though!
I cannot believe the year is almost over. Major studying to do though!!!
WEll I am leaving for Washington for my grandmother's 80th birthday tomorrow morning! I will be back Sunday!!!!!!!!!

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:: 2004 18 May :: 9.05 pm
:: Mood: so-so
:: Music: jazz

who doesn't have any homework and is seriously trying to waste time?
Today was an OK day. We started swimming in PE... yeah, blech. English was typical. Scott being perverted, everyone laughinf at me and expecting be to be like this amazing actress. (Not that I'm not ;) I had to do the stupid scene as a spy and it was hard and weird and I felt silly. Oh well, that's show biz.
Geometry was boring.... Big surprise there.
Biology was kind of funny, but I think I am seriously screwed for our test. Ha!
I listened to the Turkish lady who came for the strong women speakers thing. It was pretty interesting actually and I think I inadvertantly got extra credit points for going. YAY!
Girls' Ensemble sucked. Mr. Shaull was going at Michelle and a bunch of other people like there was no tomorrow. It was really hard to watch/listen to. And am I the only one who thinks that we suck at O mio babbino carro? On an opposite note, I would like to put out there that I think it is completely lame when people suck up to Mr. Shaull to get into MSS. If they cannot get in based on talent, they shouldn't get in at all.
World Studies was fine... we just watched a Hitler movie. With Ron. Because Mrs. Pearce had to leave. Fun.
Spanish was OK because she gave us the whole period to work on our proyectos. I made fun of Marcella's apple because it looked like a butt and had a retarded shiny thing. Marcella is my retarded shiny friend. :-D Keep your fingers crossed that our soap opera works out.
Anyway, yeah. That was pretty much my day... I went over to Louise's house... then I came home (I saw Mr. Shaull on the way home... go figure!) Also, Stefanie VG came over so my mom could take our picture together because we are doing lights for the Egan talent show. It probably won't be a great show but it might be fun if you want to drop by Friday night.
Well, that is about it. YAY!
Oh, I would like to leave you with this conversation between myself and my recommunicated friend Shri:

gotmusic111 (5:42:00 PM): right now i'm thinking... where is shri? and why does she want to read people's minds?

Auto response from svyas99: i wish i could read people's minds..then things wouldnt be so complex
gotmusic111 (5:42:14 PM): i don't think I would want to know what people were thinking
gotmusic111 (5:42:31 PM): what if it was mean or like horny or something?
gotmusic111 (5:43:16 PM): and why does molly talk to people who aren't there?
“svyas99” is back at the computer as of 5:43:19 PM.
svyas99 (5:43:23 PM): MOLLY'S MY HERO
gotmusic111 (5:43:23 PM): is she really that much of a loser
gotmusic111 (5:43:26 PM): LOL!

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:: 2004 17 May :: 8.10 pm
:: Mood: :)
:: Music: lalala

I couldn't resist... not that I'm bored or anything...
A is for – Age: 14... 15 on the 5th!! Happy b-day to me!

B is for - Boyfriend/Girlfriend: yeah... right...

C is for - Career in Future: techer, politician, something fun and cool and ya...

D is for - Dead person you would like to meet: hmm, prob like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln... or maybe a dead actor like Gregory Peck <3

E is for - Essential item: like material... MY TEDDY BEAR hee... idk maybe my bed or sumthin.... O MY iPOD! yay.

F is for - Favorite song at the moment: like I could pick a favorite song out of all the beautiful songs. ha! ...thats a good one.

G is for - Guy/Girls you've kissed: my family... good friends... ya...

H is for - Hometown: Los Altos baby!

I is for - Instruments you play: well, i used to play drums... i can sorta not really play piano... and i wanna play guitar. i suppose voice is an instrument, so thats my answer: voice ;)

J is for - Job title: Student.

L is for - Living places: My house. My grandparent's old house. Carmel house. Block Island. Whee.

M is for - Memory of the day: well, um, ure kinda implying i remember stuff... maybe my gobs of lines... or being tired... man i had a boring day huh?

N is for - Number of people slept with: well there were those guys in Cancun... hahaha... ya, no.

O is for - Overnight hospital stays: never, and i'd like to keep it that way thank you very much.

P is for – Phobias: well, i get scared when ppl startle me... but y'all prob know that *cough* um, im not particularly scared of much... i'm not partial to heights, but hey...

Q is for - Quote you like: "Hitler was a weird dude." -Sharon... O, and "Suiiicidal"-Julia

R is for - Relationship that lasted the longest: i'm not cool enuff to have had a relationship :(

S is for - Sexuality: Straight. how cud u live w/o orli?

T is for - Time you wake up everyday: 6:15, 0 period baby, awww yeah!

U is for - Unique trait(s): um, i have hyper mobility syndrome... well... idk, i'm more just part of the group

V is for - Vegetable you love: potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, sweet peas mmmmm

W is for - Worst habit: PROCRASTINATION. stubborn-ness. having no self confidence. i'm super oversensitive... ya that about sums it up.

X is for - X-rays you've had: my pearly whites, hee

Y is for - Yummy food you make: well um... bagel w/ peanut butter, ya baby! cereal, HA! man i am so dependent on others for food, itz funny.

Z is for - Zodiac sign: Gemini baby!!!!!!!

Well, that was fun! Lata!

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:: 2004 16 May :: 3.11 pm
:: Mood: good
:: Music: Shakira

this weekend!
Hellooooooo everybody!
hehe. Anyway, I guess I'll start with Friday night. I saw the beayoooootiful dance show and Alison was AWESOME. Her dance was amazing. A lot of girls were really good! I had tons of fun going and hanging out with Louise, Mel, Sara, and Sarah! Yay Ali!
Saturday, Louise and I spent most of the day finishing up our Spanish Soap Opera (which is totally awesome by the way) with Danny, Matt, and Keish. Good times! And, last night, Louise, Shri, Sara, and I went to see Supersize Me. It was really good! I don't think I will be having McDonald's for a while though... Ha. Anyway, I definately recommend it.
Well, I'm off to go tackle my gobs of homework. Wish me luck!

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:: 2004 11 May :: 10.59 pm
:: Mood: ok
:: Music: Mass of the Children... like anything else ever is these days

I think I have an updating disorder. Perhaps it is because I don't think that much in my life is worth updating. Oh well.

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:: 2004 3 May :: 9.06 pm
:: Mood: overjoyed
:: Music: jazz song

A good voice lesson is the remedy to all things.

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:: 2004 1 May :: 3.42 pm
:: Mood: good
:: Music: Romaza sung by Andrea Bocelli

I'm finally updating! *Pats self on the back*
Yay for updating! Mexico was amazing. I took a tour through Mexico's Copper Canyon with my parents, sister, and grandmother. The canyon is around five times longer than the Grand Canyon and really beautiful. The people on the tour were mainly over... 50! Needless to say my sister and I were the only children. It was actually OK though. I honestly (as weird as this sounds) think some old people are really cool. I enjoy old people, you can learn so much from them. So that part was not that bad. I actually even had good conversations with some people. And my sister and I got all these compliments. Anyway, about the actual trip. We started out in El Paso, Texas and traveled through the Copper Canyon ending in Chihuahua, Mexico. Our tour guide, Antonio, was the coolest, smartest guy ever! I really miss him :( Anyway, you all have to see my beautiful pictures!
But back to real life! Star testing was OK... I actually kind of wish there was more of it because it was such an easy week... oh well.
Ugh, I don’t want to do the balcony scene with Scott. OK, sorry that was random...
So anyway, yesterday I went to go see Nicole be beautiful in Alice. But before that, I went to dinner at Chilies and you will never guess who I saw! DANIELLE SPENCE! It was so weird she was really civil to me. She actually came up to my family and me (she was there with her friends so her parents couldn’t have made her do that) and said hello! She even made conversation with me. I was actually impressed! Weird, huh?
So then Louise and I saw Alice! It was so great and Nicole was FABULOUS! Lol. You should all go see it. Super hug for my friend Leslie too because I love her!
Anyway, then today I auditioned for SETT, which went well. Then I worked on our Spanish soap opera with Louise, Danny K., Matt S., and Keish. Very fun. Danny is a very pretty girl! LOL!
So now, I am thoroughly enjoying sitting here on my butt and watching Finding Nemo. Life is good.

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:: 2004 17 April :: 1.04 pm
:: Mood: ok
:: Music: Mass

Spring Break!
Just wanted to wish you guys a fantabulous break! As you probably know I am leaving for MEXICO bright and early tomorrow morning and not getting back until next Sunday. I'll try and get you all souvenirs! Anyway, I hope you have a good time here in California and I'll miss you tons!

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:: 2004 16 April :: 11.32 pm
:: Mood: happy/tired
:: Music: Mass of the Children

My awesome conversation with Mel!
Horseeyoregal (8:15:37 PM): help!! i need to eat dinner and there's very little food in the house!
gotmusic111 (8:15:46 PM): O NO!
gotmusic111 (8:15:50 PM): EMERGENCY!
Horseeyoregal (8:15:53 PM): ahh!
gotmusic111 (8:16:01 PM): haha, how can i help
gotmusic111 (8:16:12 PM): i can throw some snack food over to ure house
gotmusic111 (8:16:15 PM): lol
Horseeyoregal (8:16:26 PM): hah
Horseeyoregal (8:16:33 PM): yeah, stand on ur porch and throw
Horseeyoregal (8:16:33 PM): lol
gotmusic111 (8:16:57 PM): ok im ready!
gotmusic111 (8:17:01 PM): here we go
gotmusic111 (8:17:10 PM): did u get them???
Horseeyoregal (8:17:15 PM): *catches*
Horseeyoregal (8:17:17 PM): nice!
Horseeyoregal (8:17:20 PM): cheeze-its!

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:: 2004 16 April :: 12.18 am
:: Mood: awesome!
:: Music: the trombone


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:: 2004 15 April :: 11.54 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: South Pacific

Song: Younger Than Springtime Lyrics

I touch your hands
And my heart goes strong,
Like a pair of birds
That burst with song.
My eyes look down
At your lovely face,
And I hold a world
In my embrace.

Younger than springtime, are you
Softer than starlight, are you,
Warmer than winds of June,
Are the gentle lips you gave me.
Gayer than laughter, are you,
Sweeter than music, are you,
Angel and lover, heaven and earth,
Are you to me.

And when your youth
And joy invade my arms,
And fill my heart as now they do,
Then younger than springtime, am I,
Gayer than laughter, am I,
Angel and lover, heaven and earth,
Am I with you!

And when your youth
And joy invade my arms,
And fill my heart as now they do,

Then younger than springtime, am I,
Gayer than laughter, am I,
Angel and lover, heaven and earth,
Am I with you.

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:: 2004 12 April :: 10.49 pm
:: Mood: joyous
:: Music: Happy Birthday!




Love ya babe!

Copyright Molly Dow. Original Poem. April 12, 2004.

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:: 2004 10 April :: 1.43 pm
:: Mood: pretty good
:: Music: Lion King! haha

Alison's spiffy quiz!
1: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says: “Sir John was loud in his admiration at the end of every song, and as loud in his conversation with the others while every song lasted.” Jane Austen The Complete Novels.

2: Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?: Magazines.

3: What is the last thing you watched on TV?: Fairly Odd Parents! haha

4: WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is: 10:35 AM.

5: Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?: 10:50 AM. Go me!

6: With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?: My iPod!

7: When did you last step outside?: Yesterday, going to dinner with Louise and Nicole! Yummy!

8: Before you came to this website, what did you look at?: Alison's journal :)

9: What are you wearing?: Pink PJ shorts with purple elephants and hearts! And a big sharks t-shirt.

10: Did you dream last night?: Yes, I had a dream that my family and I took a trip on a plane to a place totally made out of food.... But then something bad happened... But I forget!

11: When did you last laugh?: Yesterday at my good buddies Louise and Nicole.

12: What is on the walls of the room you are in?: Posters, pictures, etc.

13: Seen anything weird lately?: I don't think so...

14: What do you think of this quiz?: SPIFFY!

15: What is the last film you saw?: Hidalgo! YAY VIGGO!

16: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?: The state of Alaska, haha. I do not really know actually!

17: Tell me something about you that I don't know: hmmm... I don't know what you don't know... in fact you probably know MORE than I know...

18: If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?: End the fighting and the hate.

19: Do you like to dance?: yes

20: George Bush: He is a bad man. And I will cry if he is re-elected.

21: Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?: Abbey

22: Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?: SLARPY, haha!

23: Would you ever consider living abroad?: YES!

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:: 2004 9 April :: 11.23 pm
:: Mood: yeehaw
:: Music: freaky lady singing




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