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:: 2005 9 January :: 2.04pm
:: Mood: tired

My knuckles are bruised from last night, like woah. I hope it doesn't swell, it's gnarly enough already. :(

Hug me please.

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:: 2005 9 January :: 11.32am
:: Mood: uncomfortable

Oh gawsh. Everything flippin' sucks right now.

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:: 2005 1 January :: 10.29pm
:: Mood: frustrated
:: Music: singing "Drug Like" to myself

"And I think, that I'm starting to scare myself.."
Oh fuck, I'm so pissed right now. And like most times I'm really pissed off, it's just about stupid fucking shit that just keeps building up. Things a lot of people wouldn't care much about. Like for instance, it's almost at the end of winter break, and I haven't slept in my bed for the most part of the vacation. Because I'm at my grandparents' house while my Mum and Scott are up in Michigan. Which means many things I'm not bery fond of. Which shall be listed below.
1\\I don't get to sleep in my own bed.
2\\I have barely any privacy
3\\I have a bedtime during vacation
4\\I have no freedom
5\\Grandma's computer sucks ass
6\\I don't have any clean clothes or shampoo's here. Which means I've been having days without changing clothes or bathing or brushing my teeth.
7\\I have to tell them whatever I do and I have to eat when they want to, or then it's somehow my fault that they didn't get to eat at the 'right time'.

Just... Fuck. They make me feel so guilty when I don't like something, but I'm not going to have them run the show. They have to understand I'm not going to do whatever they say and that I am going to talk back like I'm their equal if they piss me off. Because that's how I am and there's nothing they can do about it.

Let's do a little Xmas recap, shall we?

Xmas morning was fine, got some cool stuff, then lunch time rolled around and I had to go to my father's parent's house for food with that side of the family. I really don't like any of them at all. I mean, but three cousins never really did anything to have me hate them, it's just that we never talk and so it's awkward. Anyway, I just sat there being extremely bored for a few hours. I guess they're trying to buy off my love because all they gave me was an assload of money. They don't really love me. I supposed my dad does, but he does things sometimes that make me think he's a complete dick.

I spent new years with Aaron, watching Rushmore twice. And then I went back over to his house this evening and watched Garden State. A few days ago I was at his house to watch Napoleon Dynamite. All great movies.

I tried Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha Latte a few days back. It was my first real coffee drink. And I liked it. I bought a bottle of the peppermint syrup there, so I can make it after the holiday deal is over with. There's this cute guy with neat sideburns there, he's pretty nice.

Only conversations I've had with Shane while he's been down here:
Me Shane
Hello there
Hi, I like your scarf
I like it too


Speaking of which, I went downtown about a week ago and actually went shopping with my Xmas money. I ended up buying two adorable scarves, one vintage-y skirt and a tight blouse. That brown and pink CAKE shirt that I haven't bought would go great with the skirt.

Confound it, I miss DJ and Lauren and and the other fun people I hang out with.. Like Hope.

I want a hug. :(

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:: 2004 20 December :: 9.53pm
:: Mood: content

Winter break's been good so far, I really didn't do much today besides watch some of Monty Python and the Holy Grail and organize some of my old video games to sell to buy new video games. Had dinner with my grandparents.. Then went to my cousins' house for a few hours. I download ad-aware for them and got rid of over a thousand infected files. Now their computer is all snap-snap and whatnot.

"Common People" came on the radio today. I got up and danced to it.
It's a good song. ~-~

There's this video at kontraband.com called Nollie Gone Wrong- it's got gore. Real gore. Like bloody tissue sitting on the cement gore. Wowsers.

Last night I took a pill that got rid of my stuffy nose, but now my throat hurts a little and I'm coughing every once and awhile. Like just now. And again. Damn it.

Ambar wants to do a collab at the oekaki soon.. I don't know what in hell to draw though. I'm so out of ideas. She said she's visiting Key West in Feburary though, which I can't wait for.

"So... If we light ourselves on fire; we can go anywhere!" - Stormy Waters

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:: 2004 19 December :: 10.05am
:: Music: Chain Smoking - Dykehouse

Series of Unfortunate Event was good, but I still feel like it was rushed, not enough dialouge.. But that could just be me.

The Life Aquatic is going to be so funny.. I mean, Bill Murray; do I have to say more?

I woke up from dreaming to hear the sound of Brownie gagging. She ended up vommiting a little in the hall, but I got her outside quickly. I was probably from that bone we gave her last night.. I think she ate it. Oo;

Last Thursday we had a gift exchange in gifted. Austen ended up getting my gift, which was a small, clear box with fifteen dollars worth of quarters taped to the sides and bottom, then stuffed with bubble wrap. Then I added a few layers of tissue paper and another bubble wrap coating, then put it in a shoe box and wrapped it again. He thought it was really neat. I got DJ's, which was a really nice CD holder. And some M+Ms. x3

"Now I'm chain smoking, 'cause my heart's broken.
Yeah it's true, I still need you."

That Nintendo DS actually seems like a good gift. -lehint-

Gonna take a shower soon.

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:: 2004 18 December :: 8.41pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Banjo-Kazooie theme

Well then, xmas is almost upon us!

Today was a really, really great day. I woke up like at five in the morning since I crashed early last night, so I started a new game of BK. Then I put it down for a bit to have some Raisin Bran and watched Hook. I feel asleep during the middle, but then watched the end. I love that movie. Then I went to lunch and then down to White Street Pier. It was pretty cool outside and there was a great breeze.

The part I thought was funny was that the numbers from Kimmie's quest were still under the bridges. I can't wait for DJ's quest, it shall be totally awesome.

Then went down to Fourth of July, a new ice cream parlor by my mum's shop. DJ said it was 'friggin' awesome' so I had to check it out eventually. x3 So anyway, I got some strawberry ice cream in a cone and oh my gosh, it was orgasmically delicious. And I don't think that's a word. But it should be. Oh.. like.. In a Lucky Charms commerical, 'They're orgasmically delicious!'

Good times.

Then mum went to Ross with me, but I just took a nap in the car. I guess it was from laying in the sun earlier today.

Weatherman said it should be getting around fortysomething tomorrow and the next day. Hot dang, I can't wait. I think it's hilarious how everyone at school's freezing and DJ and I are just wearing regular shirts.

"Wow Shelby, you have hair follicles!" -DJ

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:: 2004 14 December :: 5.45pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Everything's Your Fault - Face To Face

Heh, I stopped updating for awhile again. Sorry.

Well, I see Woohu has a new layout and all that jazz.. I miss the underground feel of it, but this is pretty okay.

Ambar will be happy that I can send her an activation code... I think.

I have a 79 C in Algebra now. I bombed another test. This totally sucks. It was werid too, I though; I thought I did okay on the test.

At least I still have a higher average than DJ. Not by much though.

I think I'll make a new layout after I finish dinner. Ta ta.\\

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:: 2004 23 November :: 10.44pm

Oh. And I'm Bi. Wowsers.
I'm not going to yearbook committee meetings anymore because most of them are just a bunch of stuck-up asshats who won't listen to me. Okay.

Since I'm in eighth grade, I get to turn in baby picture of me to be placed in the yearbook. I picked out this really cute one. I'm on a boat, holding onto a pole (Sorry folks, bad with nautical terms) with a little pirate hat and life-vest on. I'll post it later.

I practiced some DDR a few nights ago. I'm getting better. Yey.

Jessica wants to do stuff. Mhn.. Whatever.

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:: 2004 17 November :: 11.13pm
:: Mood: gloomy
:: Music: Photograph - Action Action

Holy mushrooms, Batman!
My toliet just overflowed.

And I had to dry my floor with about four towels.

Mom was really mad since I woke her up a few minutes ago about her broken febreeze bottle she gave me to use. But, c'mon, my toliet was overflowing! I had no idea what to do!

-sigh- So I turned off the water with her intruction, then dried it up. I feel really mistreated, to be blunt.

My Mattress cover in is the wash, I don't think it's done yet, but even if it is I'm not going to get it out. I feel to.. just.. bad. My sheets aren't clean either, so it looks like I'll be sleeping on my naked matteress with a throw pillow.

I want need a hug.

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:: 2004 17 November :: 8.15pm
:: Mood: busy
:: Music: 1000/mph - Ok Go

I can't wait until Michelle gets here. Kathy and Mark too. They're all coming down for Thanksgiving this Saturday and staying for a week. I still haven't finished cleaning my rooms for their arrival, which isn't good.

Friday Bianca's having a Anime-themeish birthday sleep over. I think I'm going to get her a DCFC CD to introduce her into some other bands other than ones that scream a whole bunch. X3 Or a manga.. or money.. whatever, I'll find something cool.

Olivia's Bat Mitzvah is Sat around 5 in the afternoon. I want to go, but that's about the time Michelle gets here.. I haven't decided whether or not to go yet.

I have a B- in Algebra now. This isn't good. We had a test, which I got a 69 on, then we took it about and I got a 72. And after getting those grades I keep procrastinating on my math homework, which just makes everything even worse.

My bed sheets are filthy, I need to wash those too.. Oh and buy a new calendar soon also.

I need to trim my nails, they're horrid.. And my guitar callouses are really soft since I haven't touched it in a month or so.

Shit, I need to get my life together.

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:: 2004 13 November :: 10.05pm

What you feel is what you are
and what you are is beautiful.

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:: 2004 4 November :: 11.15pm
:: Mood: tired

Name Swap
Kerry lost the election, we're.. how do you say? Totally screwed.

I went out to eat with my grandparents at Outback earlier tonight, then went to the highschool band concert.

They had The symphonic, jazz, steel pan, concert and marching band play a few different songs, it was great.

I saw Jessica during intermission. She had on a black shirt that said HARD CORE, and had an apple core on it. I asked her if she was hard-core and she said I already asked her that last year. XDD What a pervy girl.

In gifted we're doing a Puritian Simulation, my Puritian name is Millicent McHaven. And I'm a cooper. Coopers make barrels.

Doesn't that sound fun?

You know it. Ben's a brewer and his name is Sam Adams. DJ decided on Mattias Obidias.
Hope's Charity and Kaya's Hope.

Hope I didn't confuse you again. X3

Crap.. I have a science test tomorrow third period and since my books were locked at school I didn't get to study. Fuck. ;-;


The shit.

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:: 2004 4 November :: 3.22pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Missing Link - Hives

OMG, bomb threat!
Ha, today was exciting.

At the beginning of fifth period they bell rang extra early, then a few minutes later the fire alarm was set off. It was one of the messiest ones yet. It took almost five minutes to get everyone out on the courts. And after ten minutes Mrs Sheehan moved us over to a shady place and we sat there for about twenty minutes.

Mrs Sheehan was saying things about a possible bomb threat or what not, or the building caught fire. All the students and teachers started moving everyone into the cafeteria, where we sat and watched a few minutes of Shrek. :B

Everyone was kinda scared and really noisy, then Mr Spoto, our principal on the stage and explained that the Police/Fire Station next to the school had received a supicious package and if it was a bomb we were somehow all safe in the old, old cafeteria of H.O.B.. At that point, people were getting out their cell phones and calling parents and cousins to pick them up.

I was letting Bianca read my Nightmares And Fairytales comic so I was getting pretty bored. Everyone else seemed to be leaving so after some Rock, Paper, Scissor matches against Ben I borrowed Morgan's phone and called my mom at her shop (Which is a block away from the school). But mom couldn't hear me over all the screaming kids and Morgan was picked up so I had to hang up on her. A minute later I picked up Reva's phone and called Mom again, and she said my grandma was already on her way to get me.

I think this little chart might help:

Yep. X3

School food isn't really heathly. D:

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:: 2004 1 November :: 6.34pm
:: Mood: eh.. half and half, like the stuff you put in coff
:: Music: Antidote - The Hives

Okay, after I finished dinner I went to Aunt Linda's house, where I played some Grand Theft Auto- San Andres before Aaron, David and I went out to walk around the neighborhood. They some some people they knew, then Kaya came up, covered in shaving cream, and hugged the both of them. Myself narrowing escaping her grasp. So then we returned home to check in with Aunt Linda and Uncle David, and they said we could go do whatever since Aaron and David were already messy.

We met up with a friend of their's he shards some of his cans with them and we walked around some more, and they got a few people.

After a while I just sat down on the sidewalk and just let them get into a big shaving cream fight on the next block since I didn't want to get shaving cream on one of my favorite skirts. XD

I just sung to myself and stared at the stars for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes. One little girl who was driving by in the backseat of an SUV waved at me and said something I didn't catch. Then some kid's dad asked what constellation I was searching for, I really didn't know. Ha. But then this family of two little kids, a father and two highschool boys came up to me. One of them was in a hoody with the hood up, the other with long blonde hair and a dracula cape. The blonde one commented on the marvel of statues these days, how they could talk and move and such, of course reffering to me. Hoodie-boy rolled his eyes up so the whites showed, which I said was clever, and he laughed a little. Then the blonde introducted himself as Micheal and shook my hand, then asked for a hug, which I gave him.

Hoodie-Boy mentioned that Micheal just liked getting hugs from random people. Micheal then asked me to dance, and I said no.. He said something about rejection, and the little girl game me a packet of skittles.

Hoodie-Boy took his hood off. He had shortish brown hair and a cute face. <3 I never got to find out his name though, since they had to go then. What a shame.

After Aaron and David found me again, both of them covered in shaving cream, he returned to their house, where I hosed them off. Aaron and I were planning to go trick or treating then, it only being around 9:15ish, but Aunt Linda said that everyone was closing up by now, so we had some hotdogs and played more Grand Theft Auto until almost eleven, when they dropped my off back home.

Over all it was a great night.

I must seem like I'm obessing, but I have a 84 B in Blanco's class. Language Arts. Language Arts has to be the easiest subject ever invented! And that grade can't be right anyway, since I checked online, and the report said I had all A's for assignments save for three, two of them being B's and one being a zero. Which is fucking crap because I turned in that assignment, and found it just now, totally done too. And I did turn it in one time.

She's cheating me every chance she gets, and I'm fucking tired of this shit.

She used to teach at the highschool, but got kicked back to middle school for not being able to keep up with the lessons.

She also thinks she's so much more superior than us because she has a major in English, which she truly flaunts. What an imbecile. First off, a major in english would much, much eaiser to get than a major in anything else.

Second, we are in fucking EIGHTH grade, we are far from getting any kind of degrees, especially with her teaching nothing.

I mean, she's giving us crossword puzzles and wordsearches for assignments. Half the words in the wordsearch aren't even there, and two days after she hands out the paper she goes, "Oh.. When I printed that out, some of the colums didn't come up, but to get an A, you should be able to find at least 28 of the 44 words.." And she says it all nonchalant, with that nasty smirk on her face.

This woman will be the death of me. :x

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:: 2004 31 October :: 4.46pm
:: Music: Antidote - Hives

Damn, I really wish people would comment in here.. Oh well..

Today's halloween, another holiday going by which I have no effervescent feelings from. Yet at least.

I just got out of the shower, and after a yummy fish dinner with my mom, Scott and the grandparents I'm off to my Aunt Linda's house to hang out with the boys then go trick or treating around their house. I'm not going to dress up, but I'm wearing black and orange, so isn't that enough? :\

>> Mum's calling me off and complaining how my CD player in the bathroom is still on.. She just turned it off.. Bloody hell, I was obviously listening to it and my grandparent's won't be here for at least fifteen minutes. So I have plenty of time to remove the CD player from on top of the toliet seat.

I'll finish my thoughts when I get back home tonight.. ATHF marathon tonight.

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