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Time Will Tell

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:: 2009 18 November :: 9.37 am
:: Mood: hopeful
:: Music: Eric Church

OMG I havent been on this thing in forever LOL...weird...

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2004 14 January :: 1.43 am
:: Mood: Ugh

Here We Go Again...

My head is spinning cause I have stuffed it with too much knowlege and I really want to go for a walk rather than sit in the class room listening to the professor yap on and on about the government. All though this class isnt half bad I still want to leave.

I am proud of myself because I was prepared for all my classes this week. I managed to almost eliminate the list I made for myslef on the white board. My next great immediate task is to find something worth eating and run. By the end of the weekend I hope to accomplish the amazing task of obtaining Pokey's registration papers from a man that I consider a great asshole and cleaning my car.

Oh and yeah and boys are stupid...

(sigh) So is life...

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2009 18 February :: 1.24 am
:: Mood: exhausted

I run myself into the ground everyday with school, homework, work, the horses, my social life (the little one I have) and so on and so forth but when I come home at night I have happy boys, and Sierra, with kittens swarming at my feet and wonderful boy that adores me. Life is chaotic by I love every minute of it.

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2008 28 October :: 5.03 am
:: Mood: Not sure
:: Music: Country (B-93)


I cannot fathom how I managed to stay up reading my World Religions book and doing ungodly amounts of laundry on an hour and a half nap at 11:30 pm and liking it. I figured "Whats the point of going to bed, I need to be up at 5:30am anyways and with my luck I would prolly sleep through my alarm and miss my test which would be a bad thing." So I made eggs and toast at 3:15 am, read the paper, bleached some whites, folded previous loads of laundry, listened to the radio and finished my chapters on Confucionism and Taoism. I still have homework due by the end of today but the load is less intense since I have accomplished half of it on my adventure of spountanious laundry doing and homework completion.

I am definately going to feel this later. It is my long day today meaning school goes from 7:45am to 9:30pm


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:: 2008 2 October :: 3.06 am
:: Mood: Alert
:: Music: Eric Clapton- Layla


I drank two cans of XS to keep me awake so that I could do homework. Now I cannot sleep and I have I am starving.

Thank God for mom's cooking cause veggie stew and tatos is just what I need.

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:: 2008 17 September :: 11.04 am
:: Mood: happy but tired

"Every time I've ever believed in a happy ending I've gotten severely fucked.

-Brenda Chenowith

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:: 2008 3 September :: 9.55 pm
:: Mood: melancholy

Its Getting Old...

Same shit different day...


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:: 2008 3 April :: 1.29 pm

Every Freakin Week..

I have to become more organized.

I am only in this position because I have made myself be here.

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2008 20 March :: 5.48 pm
:: Mood: tired/maybe hungry

This time I mean it....

I am making changes in my life. They are good changes.

I just need to get everything in order.

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2008 10 March :: 11.26 pm
:: Mood: Tired

I didnt find her.

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2008 9 March :: 3.34 pm
:: Mood: crazy

I think I found John's stable buddy.

Cross your fingers.

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:: 2008 17 February :: 1.07 am
:: Music: Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground

C'est la vie...

I have found my life to be chaotic but absolutely satisfying. I could say that I almost never have a moment to myself but then I would be lieing and that wouldnt be nice to do I do have moments to myslef I just spend them thinking about what homework needs to be done and how I am not going to get it done enen though I created a schedule to get it done over the weekend when in all actuality I could just get it started. But between working two jobs, chores, school, homwork and odd jobs that I pick up, which seem to be alot more right now which is quite spectacular, I really barely have enough time to sleep. But my eyes are so dried out and tired that I cannot see the screen anymore so ....

Later Gators

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2008 31 January :: 11.45 am
:: Mood: Sore/tired/irritated

Once Again...

I had a specfic reason for not getting a white car and that was because nobody can see it in the snow and I think people just hate my car


1.) Backed in to in the parking ramp at school last winter
2.) Ticket
3.) Backed in to at H2 parking lot and took off this January
4) Rear ended yesterday and took off

All in less than a year

Story of my life.

But I look on the bright in that I can still drive my vehicle.

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2008 10 January :: 3.02 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: It Must Be Love- Alan Jackson

(Sigh)....In a Good Way.........

I have 5 1/2 hour break today. Almost nothing to do and I have a hour and a half before my next class. I have already had lunch, ran, worked out, and went for a very long but relaxing walk north of campus. I was also able to talk to myself and I think I may have created a pretty awesome book while talking to myself.

I like being back at school. Although I would like to be at home and riding the horses in this wonderful spring weather in January.

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2008 6 January :: 5.05 pm

I am going to do it this time. Whatever it takes. I am sick of being this way. Its time for a change and now I am going to make the change and make it stick not matter what it takes.

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