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:: 2008 15 December :: 11.27 pm

Had the house for about five months or so.
Have a house mate, lame.
Have three kittens and a dog.
Happy at times.

I enjoy living in a house with my own rules.
I enjoy cleaning by my standers.
I enjoy decorating as I would like.
I enjoy my space.

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:: 2008 27 April :: 3.26 am

Another step closer.
We fixed up a few things at the house today.
It isn't fully his yet, but it is close enough.
A few weeks away.
There is going to be an engineer going through it sometime.
There is also going to be an appraiser going through.
After they go through there will be more paperwork.
After that paperwork, it should be his.
Finally after all of that, it will be our home.


:: 2008 18 April :: 6.57 pm

What a great gift
On the 16th our counter-offer was accepted.
His birthday was the 16th.
Happy Birthday.
Come May 25th it will be ours.
Come June I'm a dead girlfriend.
It is completely evil to live together before marriage.
I'm not looking forward to telling his parents.
I'm not going to let it get to me too much, we're all adults...
Though they tend to act childish, rude, and are very opinionated.

Whatever, I'm happy.

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:: 2008 15 April :: 12.29 am

Stupid Process
House buying.

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