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:: 2009 26 January :: 1.04pm
:: Mood: bouncy


I've not visited woohu for a looooong time. Nor Bzoink for that matter. Only I just got a friend removal prompt from bzoink from someone that came after I left and so ended up there and then ended up here.

[swats at cobwebs]

I might kinda be thinking about revamping this thing again. After all, I did pay $2 for it. XD

Andy. I think you're about the only person on my friends lists that's still around. o__o; Erm... hi!


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:: 2008 17 August :: 2.05pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Iron Maiden - Die With Your Boots On

Watch this. It'll make YOUR DAY.



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:: 2008 2 May :: 8.50am

wow I was such a dick over the last four years.

sorry guys. hahaha.

take care.

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:: 3987 53 May :: 8.98pm

The noise of mankind has become too much,
I am losing sleep over their racket.

Give the order that disease shall break out.

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:: 2007 30 May :: 8.51pm
:: Mood: despondant
:: Music: N/A

sorrow by name and sorrow by nature
I'm so lonely I could die.

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