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:: 2006 21 November :: 12.27 pm
:: Mood: indescribable

I'm actually in a good mood.
But considering my stomach hurts like hell, I must say this feeling is strange.
I'm waiting for my friend to pick me up to see my boyfriend! Yay =]
My road's not blocked off again so that's good. I'm glad about that.

I need to do my makeup still!!
And my mind is blank. xD So. Yes.

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:: 2006 19 November :: 9.59 am
:: Music: my cat meowing

I need to post a real entry soon. =]
I remember when I use to post like SO much in journals. I was into it a lot when I was younger. Now I still like journals, but I never know how to put the things I want to write in them. That prevents me from writing anything in them. Which is why I'm completely inactive in my journals. Ohhh wellll!

I wanna take a shower after I press "UPDATE JOURNAL"! Showers are quite spectacular I must say!

Well. I can't really think of what else to say. I promise when I get back I'll post a better entry. xD Or at least sometime soon

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:: 2006 18 November :: 8.38 am

Oh yes! I do have a boyfriend!
[[Nov. 17th Adam!<3]]

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