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User:xwereallstrangex (user# 15442)
Name:We're ALL Strange
Location: United States
Information:Hello and welcome to xwereallstrangex. This is basically a random community, so anybody can join. No restrictions or anything. Just don't flame anyone or pick any fights or typ3 lyK d!s mmkay? Thanks.
Members:(4) bigbadjazz, deleted, giving-in, xwereallstrangex
Watched By:None
Interests:(18) adema, ankh, cats, cosmic debris, dogs, emily the strange, gaz, gir, guitars, hot topic, insert your interest here., invader zim, kittie, linkin park, orgy, slipknot, stone sour, zim
Created:>2003-10-26 20:43:50
Last Update:10 27 2003
Journal Entries:2
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