At least you'll have my heart.<3.
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I'll breathe you in,
I won't let you down. I won't hold your back,
I won't make a sound.


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At least you'll have my heart..

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:: 2006 1 June :: 2.37pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: like we never loved at all- tim nd faith

i so give up

this is for my dearest boyfriend, whom i love to death so here you are danielle ;), finally an update

soo, i havent wrote in a super long time. I have been goign through alot and doing so much. && now theres even more on my mind.

him once more. he can`t move. actually im scared to talk to him now because he is. i really dont see how its possible for me to go, and urm my heart would be completely ripped out. i cant get attatched again. anymore than i already have. its just a bad idea, ekk .. ahhh. =\

i got my puppie finally the ones iv always wanted there getting oh so big though. Bandit && baby. my little huskies

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hmmm lets see schools over !! graduated =]] got into the paper twice for my accomplishments !! whoop. I star college at fau soonn !! cant wait very excited, going for radioology.

bla bla bla, i forgot how to do this danielle ;) && i have to go to the store with my fatherrr
i love you !!

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:: 2006 31 May :: 8.29am
:: Mood: exhausted

There are times when im perfectly content with my life and my friends. There are other times when i feel as though i have nothing or nobody. And even though those times come rarely compared to before .. they still come by every now and then.

I look at my friends, and i look at my friends a year or so ago and i sometimes wonder when was i better off. I had some of the best friends in the entire world, when i needed them. Do not get me wrong there are a lot of people in my life right now that are truely amazing friends/people .. but nothing compared to what i didnt know i had back then.

I guess that is how life goes though, when you need someone most they are there, and when you feel you dont ; you lose them. I just wish i would have known what i had back then .. i seriously would have changed my ways and held onto everything i had =/

Let me be the one you call,
If you jump i'll break your fall,
Lift you up and fly away into the night.
If you need to fall apart,
I can mend a broken heart,
If you need to crash then crash and burn,
You're not alone.

2 without you. | i can survive..


:: 2006 15 May :: 8.57am
:: Mood: bored

Nothings ever the same ..

It has been forever since ive updated on woohu. Between school and work and the tiny bit of time i spend with my friends i have no time for anything else. But i was just sitting here in class doing nothign, and i thought about woohu. I went through and read old entries as i always do which made me sad and miss my old friends as it always does.

I dont see why i always do this to myself when everytime i comeo ut with the same result. Things change, people change, and life changes. There is nothing i nor anybody could do to stop change from happening to the world.

But i just wish somehow i could have known what i had so maybe then i would have kept it .. cause now im doing good. My life is going okay and im coping with things pretty good .. but im alone. Which is the worst feeling in the world

i can survive..


:: 2006 27 January :: 5.11pm
:: Mood: chipper

Dear Danielle ♥

w h o f a l l f o r s t u p i d b o y s

6 without you. | i can survive..


:: 2006 26 January :: 1.38pm
:: Mood: annoyed

okay so .. i may have said you were cute
&& yeah i may have kissed you
that dosent mean i want to date you

get over it ;)

i can survive..


:: 2006 18 January :: 11.13am
:: Mood: exhausted

okay, get over it .. i dont care what you think, so heres a nice long vent for you

actually, i dont give a fuck
you called me trash, when you were doing much wrose ..
planing things .. and being a liar.
hmmm ..

these 30 days may due me good.
my heads being put on straight =]

&& to think .. i believed in you ?!

how can two people who are
"meant to be"
despise one another so much ?

ps i kinda love these two <333
Read more..

3 without you. | i can survive..


:: 2006 17 January :: 5.54pm

got another puppie =]

now i have two little huskys =]
one all white with blue eyes
one black && white

i can survive..


:: 2006 14 January :: 2.29pm
:: Mood: scared

dang homie, i dont thinki can do this

so, my 5 day trailis over.
im scared to death && i hated it.
HATED it ..
i cant to it for 30 days .. 30, yeah 30 thats too long.
i cant leave this place, for 30 days, i can make phone calls every other day.. and visitors once a week ?! wtf, im goign to die, im so friggin scared .. no one has any idea whats goign on .. well danny does, but he doesnt really either .. i dont know if i can do this .. bla
im so frggin scared.
30 days
i know, i need to .. but alone ? this is impossible.

on a somewhat lighter note.

my leatehr in my car got installed,
&& its fucking amazing.
i love it so much and the car looks 80708750 times better
&& i got an adorable puppy =]
she kinda needs a name though, any ideas ?!

30 days !!

2 without you. | i can survive..


:: 2006 8 January :: 4.18am
:: Mood: cold

i found out your plan .. your thrill to hurt me
that girl ..
i had heard it once, but god knows id stick up for you.
i was just re informed tonight.. i cant beileve you ..

fuck that hoe.

i know your plan.
im sorry im a fuck up. and ruiend that one for you ..
didnt get to have your fun aye?

i can survive..


:: 2005 30 December :: 11.11am
:: Mood: ecstatic

it happend .. it really happend !!

guhh !! im so friggin happy, i`m .. i am ecstatic
i got my car .. and i love it !! <3333

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yeah thats my new car ;)

6 without you. | i can survive..


:: 2005 30 December :: 12.13am
:: Mood: cold

thanks for the cell phone <3
its awesome .. && you rock ;)

i can survive..


:: 2005 28 December :: 6.01pm
:: Mood: worried

so, dad just called ..

im getting in the shower ..
your moms on her way home ..
what time do they close again ??


okay okay .. gotta hurry .. "click"

does this mean we are ACTUALLY going ?!
no way its my family ..
.. but i think we are !!

ekkk, im so excited // scared to death !!

edit //*
urm .. there on the phone to see if they qualify ..
wtf, now .. im just scared =\
** crossed fingers **

i can survive..


:: 2005 26 December :: 6.00pm

i whent to puppy palace today .. to see the puppies
i feel in love with a black && white, mosly black seberian hushkie,[[sp]] and a all black boxer, with a white nose, and white paws ..

eeekk, so friggin cute.
tomorrow im gogin to the humain socity && the "dome"
to keep looking.

i was a puppie so friggin bad.

2 without you. | i can survive..


:: 2005 21 December :: 6.09pm
:: Mood: aggravated

heres the deal okay ?! .. so listen up

i care about him.
i love him.
i love him more thank anything in the world.
things got messed up .. were going to fix everything
i want too marry him.
&& i will.
he makes me happier than anything else on earth.

&& i dont give a fuck if you like it or not

so ..
screw you


7 without you. | i can survive..


:: 2005 19 December :: 3.53am
:: Mood: happy

my day

today was decent && tonight was spectacular ;)

anywho, i woke up wayy to early && felt like i was going to die from being sooo tired .. so i said "fuck my plans for today" im going to sleep .. && sure enough as im layign there and i get a call from my mom .. " are we still going ?! " .. SO she came && picked me up .. we whent over to costco but we ended up buying nothing && leaving for my dad .. we had to do something .. so afterwards we ended up at a movie .. we saw "the family stone" it was pretty good .. i liked it =]
but yeah we whent back to costco && actualyl bought stuff ..

i got back to my house .. a little before 6 && i called him like i said i would .. to see if he was fucking with me .. or if he really wanted to still go .. we talked for a few minutes && both decided we needed showers .. so i did just that .. and went over to his house .. got to someone && see a few people .. && one that ikindasortareally miss .. completely && terribly ..
we hung out for a few minutes .. then we left to go to dinner .. it was really good .. of course .. cheesecake factory .. cant go wrong =] .. well i lie .. the waiter sucked .. really sucked .. but the food was good ..

after we left there .. we went to his friends house .. hung out .. talked .. watched joshs wedding pictures .. and then it was pretty much time for us to leave so we could make it to our movie .. we saw ..

harry potter

yeah thats right .. =] && it was really good ..not only the movie .. but ugh .. his hand on mine .. where it belongs && being so close . made the movie better
we got back to his house at 1 something .. and we just talked .. goofed around =] .. it was amazing ..

my whole night with you was ..
your smile .. your laugh .. your kiss .. your arms around me ..
nothing .. nobody can take my heart from you .. && everything in this world .. cant add up .. to give a feeling like the one i get ..for you ...

&& urm yeah what a night ♥

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