Online Journals without much flair. Apparently we're proud of that.

Okay, so the site hasn't changed all that much in the last several years. You can view that as a pro or a con. If you view it as a good thing, then we like you and we even like puppies. If you think it's bad news, then maybe you need something more cutting edge for your intense journaling style, but we still like you too.

Woohu is brought to you by Bzoink, LLC. Woohu also is not entirely open and public. It has been there, done that. It's also been completely closed, and for the last couple years you've been able to get in by getting an invitation code from a current member or purchasing one. Another shift, we think it's neat-o, there will now be 100 freely available invitation codes every month to create a journal. These monthly lots are first come, first serve.

Woohu spirit?

Okay, pretty much we just want to say that Woohu is like.. the poop. We also wanted to fill up a little bit more of the main page and couldn't think of anything else. Spread the Woohu love.

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