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Randomperson (profile) wrote,
on 6-4-2003 at 9:46pm
Music: "Imagine" ~The Beatles
Subject: The world as we know it has reached a new bottom level: "Poser Wars"
What the F*** ever happened to accepting people for who they are, and not what they wear??

Seems only like the beginning of the year when people were all saying idealistically "I accept people on their personality and who they are inside, not for what they wear or what they do..."

Now we have "Poser Wars"

Seems kids these days find it taboo to wear an Abercrombie shirt with skater shoes. If you do, you are a 'poser', because you are pretending to be a skater (in most cases around here. We go to a Catholic school. Uniforms sport the prep fashion). Seems we are more important that we label people, categorizing them into cliques based on if they skateboard, wear Abercrombie, are in Band, etc.

Yes, I know its happened forever... but this isn't quite the same in our day and age.

Also, this is quite different from casually using terms like "smart kid" or "skater" or "jock" casually. In those cases, they are used to give a one word undetailed description of a person's traits.... These "Poser Wars" are stepping that up to a level where fighting, side-taking and general shallowness has prevailed.

Are we all that shallow to defame and actually HATE someone because of something that petty?
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06-04-03 10:30pm

You're right. Maybe I should go get the crew, and then burn the school down. No, even better! Lets go poser hunting!! I'll bring the bait!

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06-05-03 12:38am

I understand how our school is filled with cliques, stereotypes, and posers... but what exactly do you mean by "Poser Wars?"

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06-05-03 8:48am

There are groups of girls, each with their AE shirts and skater shoes, calling the other posers... seemingly doing it without realizing that they are being hypocritical. It's gotten so out of hand, I wouldn't be surprised if they had their own cars they would be egged...

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