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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2003 at 11:06pm
Subject: The little green condom...
Dear Mr. J.,

My special objective list to rule the world:
1. Get dreads
2. Well, number two was a joke with a friend about scoring with, there is no two.
3. Acquiring one of those little statues that says "I love you this much". Those things are so "hot".
4. Four is a liar and says he's five so... (The bastard wears old school roller skates.)
5. Make a movie
6. Write a book
7. Find a hat that suits my head
a:/ end list

If I was a character in a sitcom, my gimmicky catch phrase would be "fucking kids". And I quote "I hate fucking kids". Especially ones that share a quarter of my gene soup. The fun part is the shitty realizations that you find in yourself from being around children all day.
I still haven't found a job, but I have my liscense. Um, job wise, I have a couple inhibitions that put me way low on the totem. Plus, I don't think people like earrings and a semi-natural. Here's a list of places I've gone:
- 2 Subways
- Burger king
- Ace hardware
- 2 Papa Johns
- Big boy's
- Pizza hut
- Dollar World
- Dollar General
- Meijers
- 2 Amoco's
- Meijer's Gas
- Speedway
- Shell Gas
- Clark Gas
- Talent Tree (Recruitment for factory work)
There's a couple others but I can't think of them.
I have a dollar in my pocket, and my pride is currently digesting. Maybe I could pay someone to stab my eye out and then I could collect insurance on it. Eh, eh?
...I live with my father permanently, which I'm trying to convince myself is a good thing. It is. It is.
Other little stuff, film at eleven. blah blah.
Your friend,
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07-10-03 11:36pm

hey man. i guess i'm not going camping next week.

at least not yet.

so i'll try and reserve a specific day to go do something.

and money is no object with me, so just gimme a call.

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something you could try, 07-23-03 11:58pm

Hey Dustin,
Haven't talked to you in a while but i do have a suggestion that you may be interested in. I was in the same situation where i just could not find a job. But right now most of all the music stores are hiring. that is where i found a job. and it is pretty cool cause i get to learn how to play guitar and other such instruments when it is slow. and all for free. they even let me take the instruments home which is fun... it is jsut a suggestion and they like the weird music type. i know one guy that i work with has several earrings but it doesnt matter because he is of the music type. anyway thought i could try and help talk to ya again


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