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lookatmemynameisdustin (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2003 at 11:24pm
if you have anythign negitive to say about this please dont, im not trying to please you.
there are just a few people who have always wanted to read things by me well here is one (deeply inspired by saves the day). im sorry if i come off as weird.

"your alot of talk"

On the way to your house the pavment aches, and things will never be the same now that he got past your front poarch.
So i will use the dimond from your ring (i bought you) to trace my hand on your bedroom window.
And i will stand on your steps and feel this bullet push my head back and hope the blood scatters on the wall to spell your name.
If i could tear out both your eyes and keep them with me tonight i would feel better knowing they would never meet.
And i would listen to both of you scream in pain but now i know id get some sleep.

once again sorry if i come off "scary" its just a way of feeling. thank you......good bye.

~dustin scott posthuma
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08-02-03 10:13am

yeah, that is really saves the day-esque.

in the best way possible.

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08-02-03 6:27pm

impressive...reminds me a lot of "rocks tonic juice magic" by saves the day..I like it.

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Re:, 08-03-03 1:05am

the "eyes"refrence right? i just saw that. oops. aw well.

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Re: Re:, 08-04-03 9:41pm

yeah, but Im saying that in a good way.

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