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Goose (profile) wrote,
on 8-9-2003 at 11:04pm
Subject: Parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty!!! Theres dirt in my belly button!
OMG tonight was so fun. Ill admit i didnt really want to go to Jorie Moores party. Its just that i dont talk to anyone else that was supposed to go except Patrice. and i got an anonomys person strongly hinting that they didnt want me there. But i went anyway! And it was so much fun! OMG it is now a face that i can not habg out with Jorie Moore and NOT get wet? you wanna know the wet story? ooo its the best. Anyway, it started when we were boating and i really didnt get wet then but lotsa other ppl were jumoing in but i didnt as much fun as it looked, i had a phone in my pocket and it wouldnt have survived. Anyway, i jumped on patrices boat then we tried to crash into the boat that Benton was on, but he splashed all of us with the oare. so when we got off the boat we decided we had to get him back. So Yasmin, Patrice and I got ice cold water bottles from the cooler. We walked right up to Benton and poured all three of them on him. Then we ran. We were scared for our lives. Then when it was cake time, Patrice suggested that someone smeared cake all over Bentons face. No one wanted to do it we were all scared already and Patrice was afraid that he would hate her after that. so we got Q to do it with Melissa. They went up behind him and smeared it all in his hair... they missed his face i guess. We stood there for a while got a few evil looks from Benton and his friends then we ran off and we hid in Wisconsin. We were sitting there for a wile then Neil came to find out who did it. We told him it was all Q, and Melissa. Neil said Benton wasn't mad he was just like ah whatever. So we figured we were fine. THen a whole parade of Bentons friends came to Wisconsin. Stunkel came and said that we were so dead he was pissed and he was comming with an army. So of course being the scared pirates that we are, Patrice and i pointed our fingers and Q and Melissa. THen it seemed our 10 seconds of fame were over and he realld didnt care, like Neil said. But when i came up, out of Wisconsin, i discoeverd that someone had just thrown Jackie in the lake. THen Patrice and Melissa came up with me and everyone looked at us. " hmmm what do you think about them?" Jennifer asked Jorie Moore. "I think we should get Jill, she said. Yeah! Lets get them all!" THen before we knew it 3 huge guys came after us. Melissa ran and Patrice screamed but i gave up and i just let them get me. SOme guy picked my up and he carried me around for a while then he threw me in the lake! Yes he threw me in the lake yukky big bear lake!! ewwwwwwwwww! Anywho, then i was pissed but whatever what the hell could i do i was small he was big. SO i walked back and JAckie and i decided that everyone that was dry deserved to be wet. Espically Neil and Nick cuz they were making fun of us for being wet. So we got them with water bottles and NIck came back with bubbles. yup nick threw bubbles on us. So then, i found the guy that threw me in and Jackie and i went after him. With more water bottles of course, so we chased him for a while and then he had friends that came to back him up. Jackie and i complained that we didnt have any friends and started calling for Patrice and Jorie. But they didnt hear us. The he came back, picked Jackie up then i ran after and tried to help Jackie so he put her down and came after me. He threw me in again and when he was done he got Jackie again. But this time it hurt!!! and i got sooooooooo muddy. but ill tell you about that later. So the guy and his friends left and Jackie and I just stood there for a minute. Sortof in shock. Then we started walking and Nick, Benton, Wender, and Chris laughed at us and we threw bubbles on them. So then, we decided we needed to get some friends to help us out. I told that guy that he had to throw PAtrice in too cuz she was making fun of us also. SO then Benton, Wender, Chris and NIck all went after him. BUt no one succeded and Benton mangaed to trip right over him and fall into the lake himself. Then he threw Patrice in and JAckie again. By this time a lot of ppl are pissed at this guy so all these people started chasing him. THen his girlfiriend that doesnt talk said we couldnt throw him in cuz she had to drive him home. She was a bitch. THen that guy was in pain of whatver and we couldnt touch him. He was totally faking it though. so me Jackie and PAtrice all very wet moved on. JAckie got to go home and shower and Patrice and i went to jories and wore some of her clothes yet again. I gotta keep clothes at her house now i always get wet and end up stealing her clothes. THen when i changed it was the most disgusting thing ever, i found dit and mud everywhere! it was so gross!! eeewwwwwww! My underwear waqs black! it was disgusting it got everywhere even my bra! eww it was gross and thats the end of it for now. So it was and interesting end to an interesting day. But hey thats not all of it! Thats not even half of it! but if i manage to tell you the rest my fingers are going to fall off and i like my fingers so bye bye
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08-10-03 8:06pm

:-D Woo...funness! Who told you not to go?? Well, u had fun, no?? Omg, I found out 2day that the porter potties from VH days r emptied in th lake...eeewww!

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Re:, 08-10-03 11:30pm

Theres no way its dumped in the lake! That is soo totally illegal, Whoever told u that is a lying bitch, thats just dumb. they dump them in a sweage place like the one by our school

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Re: Re:, 08-23-03 2:48am

how lovely...we swam in human feces like my brother said. that guys name was anthony...he went to school with me from kindergarten on...and two years ago, he didnt get wet either...and everyone else did! dont worry hes just stupid like htat... lovejorian

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Re: Re: Re:, 08-23-03 10:38pm

Well I dont like Anthony... Hey Do you know Jonathan HApp, he went to school with you too...i think he was in the same grade as me, he has the same birthday as me and he used to be a really good friend of mine im sure he wouldnt remember tho cuz it was when i was like 5 when my parents were still married...once i was looking in Catie Crottys yearbook (she went to school with you too) and she told me all this weird stuff about him and everyone else at ur school yeah t'was interesting anywho bye bye jillian

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