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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 8-24-2003 at 7:45pm
Current mood: stuffy
Music: We're the Knights of the Round Table
Joe and I talked today for a bit... He most likely can take the klass... Oh i hope he can... Just hearing his voice made my heart thump faster. He's been asking me if I keep going to church and stuff and I say yes of course ^^. I think he is really a true friend that I can always come to. I just wish maybe we can be more... I love him so deeply and even get tears in my eyes just thinking aboot him. Yes, I feel crazy sometimes.. Cuz... No one I know totally has felt what i have been feeling... This feeling that i have had for so long with Joe... I think I may love him for the rest of my life... This isn't just a crush... this feels way different than just "Ooh! He's so hot!" or "Aww! We just should be together " it's far deeper in my mind and heart... Maybe he sees it maybe he doesn't, there are definite sparks between us, but I just want us to be together... forever... Maybe he feels that way too... Lately he has seemed to miss me I mean he picked up on the first ring yesterday and today was pretty talkative (we were both really tired today so yeah we kinda just chilled) I was saying how cool Johnny depp was and Joe started criticizing him lol. He doesn't want to go to skool and neither do I... I just wish he lived nearer or I lived farther by him... Just to see him everyday would make life so sweet....

Well thats all for now..

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08-24-03 7:59pm

Aw, so sweet. Where's he live?

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Re:, 08-24-03 8:00pm

he lives in Sparta

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08-24-03 8:14pm

Damn Spartans! Tell him to come live closer to you.

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