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xMiyavixFanx (profile) wrote,
on 8-28-2003 at 6:23pm
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Music: Kittie and KoRn- This Town
Subject: Story! ^_^
Story! ^_^;;

-The End of The Road-

Recommended Music: Death Of Season- AFI

-- Jaisonís pov Ė

I hung onto the microphone as if Iíd die if I ever let go, swinging it around as I sung along to a song aimlessly...I wasnít even thinking about the words as they flowed out of my mouth, or the out of control audience that were hanging on my every word...but not at the same time.

My midnight and magenta hair was clinging to the sides of my face using sweat as glue, hanging in front of my emerald green eyes that I was often told by Rain were more valuable than any jewel. But that was just talk...and talk was cheap. -

The pounding of the drums rung out in a short but sweet percussion solo, the bass and electric guitar joining in before my voice yet again joined the melody...but on the inside I didnít notice any of this.

I wasnít thinking as a shook my head from side to side, spitting out angry words that was classified as lyrics. I wasnít even acknowledging the fact that my band-mate was licking at my neck.

So what exactly was I doing, you ask?

Nothing...nothing at all.

ó Rainís povó

I listened intently to the sound of our beautiful singerís voice, watched as he and Dante basically grinded against each other right on stage, in front of my eyes. Could Jaison really not know how much it hurt me?

I sat behind the drums, unable to move, pounding hatefully at the instruments as my solo came up. As pathetic as it was...that was what our music focused on, hate.

An emotion I knew all to well, and didnít want to know any better than I already did. But that was the way it was and I doubted that it would change any time soon. Inwardly I sighed as the song came to an end, finishing it off with a few well placed beats. Thankfully, that was the last song of the night and I couldnít have been happier for that small blessing.

I watched as Jaison exited the stage after a vicious kiss with Dante and a childish grin at the crowd who swooned. I wouldnít do it...I wouldnít let him hurt me like this.

Especially when he didnít even know what he was doing to me...


I couldnít help but ravish him on stage, and youíd probably have trouble resisting yourself. Imagine him, slim but beautiful form shaking and jumping around...licking those delicious lips of his teasingly at the audience.

Sure...Me and Jaison fuck.

The relationship is purely physical, never had I felt anything for him emotionally except a strong protective feeling. No one, and I mean no one, was allowed to touch him in anyway that I didnít approve of.

Once, when Silver got a little too into his joking around and kissed Jaison...I roared with an inhuman rage, pulling him off and throwing him into the wall.

I broke his arm...

But Jaison is mine, no one elseís and if I canít have him than no one will...

And I will make sure that, that much is understood.


All I could do was sit and watch as my angel looked so broken on the inside behind his drum set, staring wistfully at Jaison. How I hate I envy him. Never had he done anything to earn Rainís love, he didnít deserve him.

I have known the percussionist since we were ten...merely children, with a passion for music even then.

And he was beautiful, young, but so beautiful...

His hair was a soft ebony that reminded me of the midnight sky, though now itís streaked with bright blue. Eyes of a icy blue, pale...almost see through but spell-binding. His skin is and has always been deathly pale, but fitting for an angel such as he.

I observed the fallen angel as he stood as well, exiting the stage with a emotionless expression on his almost calm..neutral face that I adored so much.

But of course, I was the joker...the one that no one took serious. So no matter how many times I tried to tell Rain how I felt about him, heíd only laugh and pat me on the back. It pained me inwardly, but on the outside I put on a grin and chuckled as well.

I could be very convincing when I want to be...


Aimlessly, I shuffled backstage...collapsing in the main room on the comfortable sofa. I vaguely noticed that Silver was watching me with a...concerned look on his face? As of late, I always noticed him looking at me like that...

I glanced to Jaison, who was sitting in Danteís lap...flirting with him wildly. Though Dante barely did anything but kiss, lick, nip at his neck...he only wanted my love for his body...the bastard.

But I couldnít do anything about it, I was just the shy drummer who stuck to the rules like glue, straight laced and sweet as candy. Or that was my stereo-type, and for one reason or another...I kept to it.

Jaison was feminine, flirt, with a love for magical girl animes... Dante was the exact opposite, rough manly and cold hearted to the bone. And then there was Silver...always joking about something or another. But when he wanted to, the fool could produce some deep thoughts. He was my best friend...the only person I truly trusted and I loved him like a brother.

I changed my train of thought, instead thinking of just how beautiful Jaison looked even in the arms of another. His eyes always shined when he was devastatingly beautiful stars.

But what was to become of my love when our band finally split up?

And it was bound to happen...more soon than late.

-End Prologue-


So...Whatcha think? ^-^

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09-01-03 10:29am

that's pretty good, but if you're a fallen angel aren't you a devil or what ever?

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Re:, 09-02-03 9:16pm

Nope, fallen angels are just that...fallen angels. Angels that no longer live in heaven, or were tainted in some form that whatever holy deity didn't like...and were went to earth instead. Or so I believe...

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09-23-03 6:55am

Didn't have either songs on hand, but Everlast seemed to do justice.

Madly saddening.

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Re:, 09-25-03 9:49pm

Heh, Everlast? Never heard it....


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