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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 8-28-2003 at 9:44pm
Current mood: crushed
hello... how are you... it is so lonely out here in wisconsin... there is only two things that i am really looking forward to...
1) i am going to the mall of america this friday
2) i am coming back to michigan this christmas to visit everybody.

get this...
my dad told dawn that i had to move back with my mom because i was getting into a lot of trouble! K... so he lied and he totally left out the part that i threatened to call the cops on him for abusing me... thats why i am back here... stupid dad... i dont even think that he is my dad anyways... i did that whole genetics thing that they teach you in school... there was like a zero percent chance he was my dad.

I miss all of you guys out in michigan... luv you... and hope to see you in December!
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08-29-03 4:25pm

hey...not to but in or anything but why didnt you call the cops on him?....i really think you should of. that asshole deserves to die and rot in hell for what he did to sorry and i will miss you ya...later gater

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Re: thanx, 08-30-03 10:25am

i was too scared ( am to scared) to call the cops! my mom said that she was gonna call some social services though out in michigan... so i guess i am cool with that. thank you fer caring... i love you and i hope that i can see you this christmas when i come out. :)

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Re: Re: thanx, 09-01-03 12:50pm

come back!! i need my anrea (lol) dont be scared andrea u cant...dont let him know you are..

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09-01-03 7:56pm

I LOVE YOU ANDREA!!!! i cant wait to see you again. i swear... i have been so bla since you left..... i dont even talk in any of my classes anymore...its quite odd. well i love you dnq...... see you in the winter

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