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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 8-29-2003 at 1:27pm
Current mood: ^_^
Hey minna-chan,
well anyway, today i get to go over to kittie katies!!! w00t~. We are gonna challenge her mumsies to DDR. HAH!She said DDR was no excercise XP right ^^;. Also, Caroline-chan, if you read this please call me up at skool. I am up at akool helping my mom get ready for the kids. The number is: 254-6214. Also, I saw Ryan (the asian hottie from the mall caroline!) and he waved at me from in his car and then turned around to wave to me again! OMG! HE IS SOOO HOT! lol but I just admire him from afar, feelings seem to be growing between me and Joe and i do not want to ruin that. Well Caroline-chan call me!

Watashiha aishiteru minna-chan

Jessie/ Miwako-chan
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08-29-03 2:38pm

I hope you two have fun!

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Re:, 08-29-03 2:53pm

Aww! ur so sweet Angel bob *huggles*

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