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kate (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2003 at 6:15pm
Subject: The world saddens me when I read entries like this.
hey wussa? well the day after 2 morrow iz mah birthday so technically i aint 13 yet but...oh well.I went 2 the dentist n i myte hafta get braces in a yr but we duno yet.....but i've had a pretti good summa so far-i went 2 georgia n atlanta wit mah cuzinz Kyle n Sean n we had lotza fun....i cant wayt till skoo startz tho bcuz i wana c mah friendz n i myzz the kid i lyk(wayt 4 get lyk im lyk in luv wit hym!)well i gota go..xoxo bye 143

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08-31-03 6:24pm

people can't get much dumber can they?

i feel i've lost 7 IQ points just reading that

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08-31-03 6:44pm

wow....thats just....yeah... I dont think they even know what they are saying...what a sad sad world it is.

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08-31-03 7:35pm

I guess some people do it to make it shorter, but hym and him are the same amount of letters...stupid people, stupid stupid people.

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09-01-03 8:47pm

hey wats up? nuttin much ova herre... juss chilin omg i cannt wait....5 daiz till mah bdai! w00t w00t (lol candy) hehe mai mom got me 50$ 2 bring 4 clothes nd crap im sooo happi immma b leavin 2morrow mornin so diz iz da last journal entry until i get bak frum there lol hehe uum... ooo yea lata im goin 2 pik up sum piks frum wen i slepy ova gelly's house .. pikz of me nd her, me nd lele, her nd lele, her nd lele nd 1 of all tree of us.. lol so imma c them nd also there r pikz frum wen my aunt wuz here which wuz a looong azz tyme ago but o well omg i havent seen marisa or chelsea synce 4 eva.. i gotta hang wit them soon cuz imma myzz them n h/s cuz they aint goin 2 mai skool i dun thynk.. well i knoe marisa iznt but i dunno bout chelsea.. o h/o she juss came online crap she juss signed off lol well immma go bcuz my breakfeast iz readii nd then imma get changed nd fix mai har cuz it lookz lyk crap lol gtg xoxo 143 pe@ce love alwayz *KaY*

that was her last one

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