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viking-punk (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2003 at 6:29pm
Current mood: annoyed & tired of so much shit/drama
Music: evanescence - fallen cd
Subject: another day @ shit&drama high school

why do ppl have to make my day turn to crap?

why do ppl have to be such jack-asses & not give a fucking shit bout ppl's feelings?


today had kinda started out mom yelled at me bout my cell phone bill coming out to over $120 in just less than a month...that's why i didn't want a fucking cell, but whatever...she then yelled at me saying that i shouldn't be hanging out with my friends & focus on being with joey...she makes it seem like she wants me to get married to him & that's exactly the i don't get her with that...*sigh*...i don't understand her & i have a feeling that she's gonna get back with my dad...if she does... :( ...i'm sorry but i lose all respect for that woman if she does...

band was awesome...omg...i'm so excited for this year...i'm actually improving on the trumpet so i hope that 1st chair is mine soon...the music is awesome...we're playing one of my favorite favorite songs from when i was little..."You Can Call Me Al" - Paul Simon...if you've never heard that song it's cute...the video is funny too it has chevy chase in it... lol ... memories...ok whatever, but i'm really excited to be in band this year...

oh yeah i kinda dressed like avril today...i looked so cute...but i knew it would cause a scene today so that's what i unfortunetly had to put up with...

in gov/econ & math analysis today i had to put up with so much shit talk today it wasn't even funny...ppl said shit bout how i seem to be playing around with danny & joey...dude danny is my friend...& joey is my yeah...whatever...i choose my friends & i know that ppl don't get why i hang out with danny, but you know what...if you choose to see it the stupid way...THEN FUCK YOU!!!...

everything else today was great...i spent lunch with my friends denisse mark & tristan...DUDE, THOSE ENCHILADAS ROCKED!!!...i now am starting to enjoy my classes & actually doing the work...i got to spend the day with joey afterschool which was cool...i hope to be able to hang out with jorge &/or danny tonight...hopefully both...

this just made my day right now though:

What I've felt, What I've known, Never Shined thru in what I've shown, Never free, Never Me, So I dub thee "Unforgiven" says:
hey becky.. i want you to know that i love you and care for you as a friend.. ok?

without the mask where will you hide i can't find yourself lost in your lies says:
i do too, you should know that too

What I've felt, What I've known, Never Shined thru in what I've shown, Never free, Never Me, So I dub thee "Unforgiven" says:
and if it seems like i keep nagging and nagging..its cuz i care about you.. and i do worry about you.. ur a close friend of mine..and if i were to loose u.. i would be even more fucked up.. this all came out of nowhere..but i mean it

without the mask where will you hide i can't find yourself lost in your lies says:
i know what you mean...& to be makes me feel wanted when ppl do nag...but i don't think you are...but i totally understand & you must realize that exactly the same goes for you too

without the mask where will you hide i can't find yourself lost in your lies says:
& i mean it too

thanx to jorge & danny who have made this day really good for me...& joey too, but i've talked to jorge & danny more (sorry)...i love all you guys man...well i better get going i have h/w...*ugh* later.

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Neome here, 09-03-03 9:32pm

Hey just wanted to say that you should do what you want when you want and how you want it. You have good friends that care and know that they are there for you just for days like these. well hope you have a cool week and feel more free to do the things you want the most. as long as it makes you happy it should not bother anyone. well take care

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Hey its Jorge, 09-04-03 3:48am

WOw.. i didnt think you'd post part of our convo on there. i am very flattered that u did that. hehe. But what i said i meant. If it was'nt for a handful of people right now I would'nt be doing good, in fact id be doing worse. But You are a very special person and you hold a place in my shattered, regged heart. I'ts like how my bro said. "your specially receptive of other people's feelings when your down" and its true. I understand people's feeling alot better while im down. So if u ever wanna smoke a cig, walk a walk , or just sit back let it ur grief out me and danny are here for you. If those assholes are giving you a hard time, or someone's spreading rumors and what not fuck em man and dust yourself off and surround yourself with people who care and love you.

Just here,
Jorge Villalobos.
P.s. bonfire coming soon call me up or remind me. hehe .. later.

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hey, 09-04-03 11:15pm

im feeling you. no body is SOO CHEERFUl about hi skool especially if ur a mini fershmen like me... are you a senior??

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Re: hey, 09-05-03 12:24am

yes i am a senior & to you i give advice up all your high school years...learn what it's like to be a kid & stay that way for a while...learn to get in trouble & get out of it...learn to make friends & to let go of them...just only have those four years & they are the best no matter what anyone later.

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