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xxinterrupted (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2003 at 10:17pm
Current mood: really upset.
Music: complete and utter silence.
Subject: i feel special.
d0ug1e06 (10:08:12 PM): hey jena
she ran away x (10:08:15 PM): hi
d0ug1e06 (10:08:17 PM): u looked nice today
she ran away x (10:08:24 PM): lol yeah.
d0ug1e06 (10:08:25 PM): i forgot to tell u
d0ug1e06 (10:08:30 PM): haha u did
she ran away x (10:08:34 PM): thanks, if youre being serious
she ran away x (10:09:09 PM): :-)
d0ug1e06 (10:10:10 PM): yeah i am being serious
she ran away x (10:10:57 PM): thanks.

that was just about the nicest thing anyones said to me in a long time. =] thanks david if you're reading this! you really made my day better.
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09-04-03 3:18pm

do i know you?

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Heh.., 09-04-03 11:21pm

I saw you signed my journal and I have no freaking idea who you even are but w/e...I can feel your pain...Me and Jessica have a lot of that...


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Re: Heh.., 09-05-03 3:32pm

are you talkin about me?

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09-07-03 2:09am


Lucky XD I wish people would tell me I looked nice ;_;

That will probably never happen since I'm so fucking ugly XD But hey, I can deal with that ^^ I think x.x;;

Buah ha, I'm glad ya feel better =] You deserve the compliment ^^

And Iamla -- Jake is referring to Jena, not you =]

*hugs* Later =]

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word., 09-07-03 1:43pm

its ok about the aim thing. I'm always on but normally i'm on away unless i see someone worth talkin to get on msg me. we'll definately have to chat though.

and you've got the cutest shoes.


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Re:, 09-10-03 7:19pm

i bet you're not ugly. >.<

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