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Toki (profile) wrote,
on 9-7-2003 at 8:02pm
Current mood: Eh?
Music: Tainted Love...Hells yeah
Subject: Crew Tomorrow!! Woo!
Crew tomorrow....Nervous about props. I mean, I think I'll get it ::fingers crossed:: and honestly, if I'm not props mistress, I won't care that much. I've only done 1.25 shows...I'm more nervous cuz I don't know who will be put on props. I mean, I want it to be Jill and Me and Yassi. But all these froshies signed up...and I'm all grrrrr... I hope to god they aren't put on the crew. I mean I have nothing againest's just that 3 is the most that makes since for a props crew, ya know? No se....I'm gonna be nervous all day tomorrow...

I dunno what to do...I'm confused right now about everything. I'm just....urgh.... I don't know, I think I've complained too much. I don't want to bother you pples, so I will stop...AHHH! Nervousness...23 more hours...:-\ neways...chem time....cya..
~Toki...Neil's Band Whore
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Props, 09-07-03 10:28pm

lol hells yeah ( u stole that from me! tis okie tho) im so nervous too patrice!!! im so nervous i think im gonna pee my pants... 8 hours...
~ Jillian Neile's band Whore

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Re: Props, 09-07-03 10:29pm

i cant spell neil...its NEIL! okie

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09-07-03 10:44pm

you soo gots it!

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