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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2002 at 1:15am
Subject: Remember to wear underpants...
Weekly Synopsis: Well, for the majority of school, things went moderately well. The whole week seemed to fly by. I was to busy to be sad, and to sad to concentrate. Everything went well though.
Yesterday: Went to school, as usual, afterwards I took a venue to "Gravel"'s house, where we produced many innovative songs about Einstein's mom, and how much I want to fuck her, the monkey rap, and the Dustin sucks at playing drums song. Then we watched a little Van Wilder, only afterward to continue making new songs, the only good one was the Asexual Growth On My Ass song.
I returned home around 7:30, took a shower, and my mom comes home. She says we're going to Applebees as a family. We head over there and the whole way, Eric, my mom's boyfriend, is imbibing alcohol at an uncanny rate. In effect causes him to get a little tipsy. Well, Eric feels he has to go in depth about how my mom is still in love with her ex-husband. This carries out throughout the whole ride there, and we all develop and irrate attitude towards Eric's bluntness. So, we arrive at Applebees, and we all order. Eric, the whole time is acting like a total ass, yelling personal things outloud, which if they weren't personal, I wouldn't give a damn what he was yelling. Anyway, He has some beers and a couple shots and his annoying factor increases to an alarming level. Then, coincedentally, Walter, my mom's ex-husband shows up. All hell breaks loose, after a while we leave.
On the way home, Eric is just crawling right up my mom's ass. Saying all the wrong things about her life, and how she's still in love with Walt. She pulls the car over on a sidestreet off of Alpine, and just leaves. So, I have to find a way home, luckily she left her cell phone in the car. I call my dad, busy. I call Walt, busy. By this time, Eric starts focusing his intoxicated yeti rage on me, and is trying to take the keys from me. "Give me the fucking keys!, I can fucking drive!" "No you can't, your drunk, are you crazy?!" Then he's all grabbing me and shit, I rip my hand away, and jump out of the car. He jumps out of the car after me, getting in my face and telling me I'm a fucking retard and I don't know how to take care of his son. (The newborn, Nathan is in the back seat)He rips Nathan's carseat out, and starts walking off. I'm concentrating on moving the car, so it's not in the middle of the road. I pull it to the curb, and my Uncle Kevin "nextels" my mom's cell. I tell him everthing that's happend, and tell him to come pick me and my brother up. We exchange information, and right before he arrives my mom comes walking back up to us. She's been crying her eyes out, and she couldn't get Nathan back from Eric. So, the rest of the night, we're trying to chase down a drunk with the baby in his arms. We finally catch up to him at the library in Comstock Park. My mom jumps out of the car, and starts arguing with Eric. He starts getting physical, I push him out of the way, and tell him to back off. My Uncle Kevin was driving up, and saw Eric push my mom (He thought Eric punched her), he peels the car into the driveway, jumps out of it, and runs up to Eric telling him to put the baby down, to take him on. Eric puts Nathan down, and takes a swing at Kevin, I know, that if they start fighting, Kevin is going to maul Eric, so, as Kevin is starting to get pissed off. I push Kevin back, telling him to be "a man about it". Then slam into Eric and tell him the same. Kevin got the idea, he gets in the car, my mom is already heading towards the main road. I jump in and we take off, leaving Eric in Comstock. We stop at a gasstation, exchange people, give each other condolences, and head home.

Infinitely tired.

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08-31-02 12:48pm

Thats terrible. I'm glad you're okay though. :-)

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08-31-02 1:33pm

your mom needs to go find a better guy from the sounds of it... but then again what would I know... I hope everyone is okay, especially the baby... you know Dus... i think it took a lot of mature action to stand up to him especially when he was intoxicated. You probably saved your mom and the baby.

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Re:, 08-31-02 2:11pm

Thanks guys.

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09-01-02 10:43pm

I may only know you from accross the lunch room table- but it doesn't matter who you are, no one should have person in their life like that, I was about to call him a man, but he's no were close to being a man. I'm glad you stood up and tried to treat everything in a reasonable perspective, and as well as your family. I hope everything works out okay, Hugs are waiting for you on tuesday!

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