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viking-punk (profile) wrote,
on 9-24-2003 at 4:08pm
Current mood: stressed
Music: thinking of evanescence in my head
Subject: damn life...
i'm freaking out bout the dumbest things right now...I JUST DON'T WANT TO GROW UP...i'm tired of thinking bout the's what's going on in my stupid little head of mine:

my relationship with parents
work (radio)
finding better work (that actually pays ;) )
running away

i think that's about it...i'll only go into detail with one...i'm clueless as to why i think some of those things to be honest...

college: i'm starting to fill out applications for them...& i'm not sure if i really want to go to CHC...or college at all for that matter...i just don't know & i'm scared of it again...

i'm just not ready for anything right now...i'm stressed with that stupid moving show for band...& getting into an argument with joey...which i sometimes feel like i have to bring up something with him so he can understand me...but i'm not gonna try with that...sometimes i think that things are going bad with us...& if it starts to i don't know what to do...i'm clueless as to what i could do to fix things...sometimes i don't even know there is a problem...& it's usually me...*sigh*...i'm so lost right's not even really close to funny...

sometimes i think bout if i'm not with joey...i think i'd be by myself...& it's not so much of a matter that no one would ever love me again...but i think i'd just be too emotionally drained & hurt...i hope this one works...& for good...somehow i keep thinking it's breaking apart...little by little...

& i don't know what to do anymore...with anything at all...

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Hey Girl, 09-25-03 4:22pm

Don't let people get you down. Block their fat asses out. It's your life, and your freakin' education...and just tell them to F**K OFF! You'll do what you wannna do when you wanna do it no matter what anyone else says. There will always be people who will come around because they think their mission is to destroy the things that you have been hoping for, and to shatter the dreams you have put so much effort into achieve. So a little piece of advice to all you Shit heads...keep your flippin' head out of bizz...if she wants your op...she'll call you...until she does work on making your life better, this girl already knows what she wants. Don't hate cuz' you don't! I got yo' back chica. *laughs* Always me sexy...just kiddin' *BIG GRIN*

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