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Kamron (profile) wrote,
on 10-2-2003 at 8:18pm
Music: Unexplainably restless and irritable
I'm in one of those moods where I just wanna get into a fight. I'm off to play pool.
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10-02-03 10:36pm

Me too.

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10-03-03 6:10am

Don't get killed.

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10-03-03 6:11am

Oops, forgot this:


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Re:, 10-03-03 7:41am

Oh. A winky face. Grand. Does that mean you want me to get killed? jk. I'm better now. If insanely tired. Stupid 3 hours of sleep. Mid-term here I come! :)

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Re: Re:, 10-03-03 7:32pm

im in those feelings alot

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