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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 10-14-2003 at 5:33pm
Current mood: PSYCHED
i get this thursday and friday off AGAIN!!! wahoo... i am going to rochester minnesota. its gonna be funn! :)

hey jess, i got you some stuff for christmas!
hey errca, i got you STUFF for christmas!
you all should love me!!!

i need to still by for alex, shadoe, jaeger, and my mom. then i will be done!!! wahoo...

tonight i am babysitting again... and that money is going to christmas funds... lol. i still need to find out exactly what alex was wanting. but i will call him later and find out. i hope that he isnt mad at me cuz i was supposed to call him last week and i never did. oops... he still loves me though.

everybody say hi to my mom!!! she is cool... and you all should love her! cuz i said so.

hmmmm, i found out that austen has liked me since the first day of school. i was sitting next to him in math today and we were doing our assignment....
austen:you are so pretty
me: *smile*
austen:and you have a pretty smile.
me:awww! *blush*
austen:whats the matter?
me: i am not used to ppl giving me compliments and really meaning it.
austen: well you better get used to it... cuz you have a lot more soming.
me: oh...
austen: oh??? this coming from someone that flirts with me all the time.... that i have liked since the first day of school... since the first time i saw you.
me: OMG!!! fer real??? that is so sweet...
austen: heh.
me: *silent*
austen: wats the matter?
me: nothin
austen: i know when something is the matter... hmmmm, you are worried about something.
me: heh... ya
austen: wat are you worried about?
me: a lot of things
austen: you know that you can tell me.

then i listed out a few of the tings that worry me... including likeing someone, cuz i dont wanna have a major thing for a guy cuz all they do is let you down.

guys, in my opinion, are the leading cause of depression and suicide. wat do you think?
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10-14-03 6:15pm

iam signed on anon. cuz iam too lazy but this is dawnish and i see how it is..thank you for fergetting me!! i will be keeping my hoodie fairwell

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10-14-03 9:32pm

hey dawn!!! i asked you wat you wanted but you never said anything... so i will ask you again...
what do you want for christmas???
i luvz ya

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Re:, 10-15-03 6:42pm

ummm i want somethin pink fer sure lol :D:D yeah..PINK woot woot! well i gtg luvz ya lotz !

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10-16-03 6:57pm

The leading cause of depression in females, yes. But the leading cause for depression and suicide for males is likely females... maybe not but sure true in my case.

You should do one of those stupid surveys.

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10-17-03 11:14pm

Hey there girlie whats up?? Not much here just got out of work and was bored. I am hoping that I get an apartment soon don't worry you can come stay wit me this summer you are always welcome you are like a lil sis to me still luv you bye

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10-18-03 4:53pm

i got back today from my convention... it was sooooooooooooo FUNN!!!

i will find something pink for you dawn...

what stupid survey thingies???

HI!!!! i dont think that i will be able to come out there this summer... and if i do it will prolly only be for a week or two. i am retaking drivers ed and i am getting a job this summer... so i dunno. i miss you so much and i cant wait to see you this winter!!! i luvz ya!!!

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