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sammibaby (profile) wrote,
on 10-27-2003 at 10:41am
Current mood: sad
Music: every step u take
Subject: if ur wondering...
i wasnt at school today because my friend, Mark, was killed over the weekend. and i thought i was doing fine, but then when i went to one of his services last night, it just really hit me..but i had lots of friends there so they helped me out...thank u everyone who was there..and thank u for the ppl who say there here for me :) ..i really appreciate it..

Mark Andrew Drewes..Rest in Peace..Oct.24, 1987-Oct. 25, 2003

I miss and love you!!

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10-27-03 5:12pm

i love you sammi. i missed u in school today. i called you and text messaged u but u ddint pick up.. kailaz worried too. we love ya.. we're here for ya!! xOxO

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10-27-03 5:19pm

hey sammi..i wuz worried bout u in school 2day..but now i kno wha sorry for ur loss..i love u sammi..and i hea if and wen u need me..x0x0

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10-27-03 6:27pm

thank u guys for the good consdering what happened..i'll be back ya's

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10-27-03 6:47pm

luv u sammm

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10-27-03 7:02pm

once again i'm sorry, and am here for u as well. i know how having someone u cared about die feels. love u

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10-27-03 9:13pm

thank u all for the support!!! i love u all very much!! xoxox <3

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