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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 12-27-2003 at 2:55pm
Current mood: dorky
Music: R.Kelly + Celene Dion* I'm Your Angel
Subject: ..dammit!
dammit.. I'm tired of waiting..for yanno! lol ... come peoples are can figure it out..look at here's the stuff I was working on!

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you. anything.

1. I have a huge obsession with gum
2. I am in love with the Xtina Stripped cd
3. I own 8 pink hoodies
4. I have a bangin jewelry collection
5. I only have 3 real piercings in my ear, coz #4 is closing
6. I thrive on being busy
7. I love sleeping on the floor
8. I've got 10 brothers + sisters
9. I go to the beach once every summer
10. I'm also in love with TLC especially Trading Spaces
11. I'm born on the cusp between Aries + Taurus
12. I can be very stubborn when I want to be
13. I hate getting 99's but 89's even more
14. I think geometry is the worst form of math I've had so far
15. I have been given over 20 nicknames
16. I love the smell of shoe stores..
17. I go online a lot
18. I have over 700 songs downloaded on Kazaa..and never got a virus
19. sometimes I wish I was 4'11
20. I would die if I didn't have my written journal
21. I have a good track of time and counting down things [ask edmond]
22. I love lip gloss
23. I hate coffee
24. I think some people in Mt. Laurel + Cherry Hill are evil
25. I love dancing..especially in the shower
26. I have an obsession with mascara, but hardly use it
27. I've got a huge collection of nail polish
28. I hate feet to the death of it sometimes
29. I don't like it when some black people wear brown..
30. I used to have a big obsession with cookies from lunch
31. I love kool-aid
32. I wish I had freckles or glasses sometimes
33. green eyes are the prettiest to me besides brown
34. I want to live in a beach house
35. I love the Sacramento Kings
36. I hate the LA Lakers
37. I'm falling for Carmelo Anthony
38. I love the NBA and NFL
39. I despise the Eagles
40. I think life sucks sometimes but I'm enjoying it now
41. I think if I had a twin [sister or brother] the world would be a horrible place
42. I think Kobe did it
43. I think Michael is innocent
44. I think LeBron looked saxi in his new commercial but his shoes are BOOTIE
45. I want the pink + white G-Unit sneakers
46. I love Old Navy jeans
47. I love silver jewelry and white gold the most
48. I'm proud to be a virgin
49. Babyface's song Nobody Knows makes me cry EVERY time
50. I want to be a video whore for a little bit
51. I wish I had more than 1 friend who I can trust with my life
52. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the hands of time
53. I can talk a lot
54. I can zone out very easily
55. I want my own clothes line
56. I'm gonna go to a good college
57. I live in New Jersey
58. I'm deathly afraid of being in car accidents but I love being in fast cars
59. I like traveling
60. I like sitting in my closet and just doing nothing
61. I like reading under my covers with a flashlight
62. I have a NJ/Ghetto/NY/Southern accent put ppl say
63. I love my complextion
64. I enjoy being black [and rican]
65. I think Xtina's gonna be around for a longgg time
66. I've got a huge collection of teddy bears
67. It's really hard for me to trust people
68. I've tried to commit suicide
69. I must always have a pair of earrings on x-cept when I'm sleeping
70. I get my period at the worst possible times [first day of high school..]
71. I am in love with Jarrell Damante Houston
72. I still love the Spice Girls
73. I'm gonna miss not havin lunch with my girls after high school
74. All my brothers have spoiled me in at least one way
75. I'm a damn good liar when I want to be
76. I can keep a real straight face
77. I don't think I'm ticklish anymore
78. I want to be famous for doing something really great
79. A decent amount of people have told me I will be famous
80. I wish I was a model sometimes..
81. And I wish I was a -tad- bit prettier..but I still think I am
82. I think jealousy's a bitch
83. I'm obsessed with drinking stuff
84. I sometimes get a constant need for something to be in my mouth
85. Sometimes I think I'm too independent for my own good
86. I hate listening to people b/c I want to find out things on my own, I don't care if they right or wrong
87. I'm really good at foreign languages for some reason
88. I want to be an ambassador in France/Italy/Japan/China...
89. I don't like our president
90. I thought Bill Clinton was the shit
91. I love being hugged, especially by my brothers
92. I want a lil Maltese puppy named Lil Pookie!
93. I'm a dumbass on the weekend
94. I wanna marry all my guy friends so I'll never leave them after high school..::tear::
95. I wanna go back to the age of 5 when I didn't care about things
96. I think rapers should be shot
97. Out of the blue I'll start singing or dancing [lol..marching band! I was a mess]
98. I want to be assistant drum major in junior year, head manager, and the winner of a beauty pageant
99. I want to work at six flags next summer
100. I love myself a lot! ::smile::

uuuu noeee u liked my stuff..I thought about more..but 100's mah limit!


A big list of different ways to spell my name


1. Courtney
2. Courtnie
3. Courtnee
4. Courtni
5. Cortney
6. Courtne
7. Courtneey
8. Cortnie
9. Cortni
10. Courteney
11. Courtenie
12. Courtenee
13. Cortnee
14. Kourtney
15. Kourtnie
16. Kourtnee
17. Kourtni
18. Kortney
19. Kourtne
20. Kourtneey
21. Kortni
22. Kortnie
23. Kortnee
24. Kourteney
25. Kourtenie
26. Kourtenee

Yeah I know... I'm a loser for thinkin of this lol... oOo well! haha!


well..anyway it's like 2:57..and yes we are still talking.. I don't know why we don't pick up the fone..but yeah whateva. I'm still kind of missing that .. "something" that's gone..but f*ck it! lol i believe i can fly.. i believe I can touch the sky.. I think about it every night and day...spread my wings and fly away... I believe I can soar... I see me runnin thru that open door... I believe I can fly.. I believe I can fly... oh I believe I can fly...coz I believe in me... woo! this CD is HOT! lol...hmm I'm not sure if I wanna go out tonight or not. Oh well..

I'm still really confused about waiting..but I'd hate the person to death afterwards lol... "5 mins of pain.. 5 hours of pleasure" Ima remember that for awhile..

keep it on the downlow... nobody has to know...

some people want diamond rings..some just want everything..but everything means nothin..if I ain't got you.. hmm..good song..but's like 4:21 now coz i'm re-editing and I have to charge mah fone so we stopped talkin. ..hmm.. yesterday my side was hurting really bad..and where the hell is everyone..and tiffi's away message up is saying she's out.. I swear if that girl went out with them and ain't call me...ooh! lol I got a new Avon magazine..woo woo woo!! haha Ima have fun yo!

but everything means nothing if I ain't got you* I'm gonna go.. ooh..Diary's on now..<33 dat song so ps2's broken and I'm lost w/o it yo! I'm gonna call back later..

La Courtney


I won't tell...

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12-27-03 8:50pm

we have -way- too much in common.. lol


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Re:, 12-27-03 9:02pm

lol..u wonder why I don't want a twin lol..I wanna see urs soon girl! and yahhh i trust ya


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Ummm. . ., 12-27-03 10:19pm

What in the world. . . i'm so. . . .SHOCKED! Please don't do nothin you gonna regreat thats all im gonna say.

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Re: Ummm. . ., 12-27-03 11:10pm

hehehe... I noe I's just.. everything's impacting and it's soo..uhm..I'll talk to you..and yo.. ur man don't know what trading spaces is..gasp.. but I'm not gonna do anything ... anytime soon.....


u actually commented in my journal! omg.. i feel really happy..and i'm not even bein smart...yayyy

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Re: Re: Ummm. . ., 12-28-03 11:08am

Ok just makin sure but i can't stop you it's ur decision, and boopie doesn't watch tv he sleeps, lol, lazy a$$. sike na. Did you read what he put in his journal ima get him.

Much love
Many Kisses
Miss J

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Re: Re: Re: Ummm. . ., 12-28-03 2:53pm

yeah... I jus noe I ain't doin anythin while in bths..coz ppl got big butt mouths yo! lol but yeah .. I'm still spaces is tha best..oh well..and yes I did read it...omg how can he not know!! aahhh!!!


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