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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2004 at 5:31pm
Current mood: indescribable
::hey to those who care::
yeah, my last entry was quite long and i know that some ppl dont like to read a lot... so i am sry to bore you with that. i also apologize for all of my 'naughty' words. its just that some ppl really piss me off.

how do you feel about being back in school??? me: heh, it could be worse.

how do you feel about life??? me: its not worth living right now.

with that said - later
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01-05-04 9:55pm

I can give you that picture of Sirus whenever you want it.

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01-06-04 5:33pm

hey, thanks... my you can send it to my email any time that you want.

again, thanks.

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