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caffeinatedjazz (profile) wrote,
on 1-17-2004 at 2:03am
Current mood: freaking fucking otu asl;dfa;lkj
Music: elliott smith - say yes
i'm in love with the world...
through the eyes of a girl
who's still around the morning after
we broke up a month ago and i grew up i didn't know
i'd be around the morning after
it's always been wait and see
a happy day and then you pay
and feel like shit the morning after
but now i feel changed around and instead falling down
i'm standing up the morning after
situations get fucked up and turned around sooner or later
and i could be another fool or an exception to the rule
you tell me the morning after
crooked spin can't come to rest
i'm damaged bad at best
she'll decide what she wants
i'll probably be the last to know
no one says until it shows and you see how it is
they want you or they don't
say yes
i'm in love with the world through the eyes of a girl
who's still around the morning after

-elliott smith "say yes"

dear god i'm fucking pitiful tonight. this is the first low i've hit in a while and i swear to god this is the only song keeping me from drinking me into stupor.

fuck. just fucking. ugh.

god i could have every material thing in the world, and nothing would mean as much to me as a few lousy cds, which mean absolutely nothing to other people.

people dont get it. people dont get me. people dont get my music. it's like, as soon as i think i have something or i might have talent or direction it just get fucked over and i dont know what to do with myself anymore.

fucking. fucdslfkj.

i'm seeing rilo kiley today-night (well it's 2am.)

i dont know who my friends are anymore.

maybe it's me that's fucked up. fuck.

sorry for the rant, i just had to get this out somewhere. christ.

let's hope i dont get a bottle of booze.
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01-17-04 11:57am

don't think that shit man. you know more about music than anyone i know. and your own stuff? its unusual sure, but every song seems to have these new harmonies that i havent heard before, or at least for a really long time. some people dont get it cause all they want to hear is 1-4-5 shit. keep in mind that 1-4-5 people dont make it. people who are original and creative do.

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Re:, 01-17-04 3:32pm

thanks, *anonymous*..

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01-17-04 9:51pm

funny u say that!im looking at a bottle of vodka right now. Low can't describe how i feel. However, i can tell ur passionate and talented. Most people are either one or the other. You have no idea how much ur appreciated unless u open up. If u dont give a fuck about people then stop caring. Thats how i delt with things and look where its gotten me. Im want to write some more because it sounds like u need it but i doubt you'll read it. I have a talent myself and im in the top one to one tenth percent of what i do. I screwed everyone over to get where i am and now all i have is my talent, my passion and my skill. i don't know who my friends are anymore either because i dont know who wants to help me and who wants to screw me over to get where i am. However i have few close people always around me and they're the ones that tell me i suck when i truely suck. The ones that are always telling me how good i am are there to use me. Maybe the friends u think aren't yours are the ones that really care about you. I may be wrong because im getting tipsy and i don't know you. Good Luck my friend!

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