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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2004 at 10:58pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: Paper Heart
Well today was a good day! Gizmo is finally getting adjusted to our house and our schedule. He knows that before we leave he has to go potty. We came up with a little potty rap... It sounds stupid but it gets him to go outside *laughs* He is a really good dog and I just want to show him off! If anyone would like to see his picture, please reply this journal entery with your e-mail. He really looks like the gremlin Gizmo ^^;.

School today was just the usual... boring and tiring. I have been surprised with math lately... it has been much easier than lessons in the past. I think Mrs. VanWieren if finally getting it that we need more teaching and less worksheets. In biology we have been watching this boring movie about the men who found the DNA spirals. I really don't care... German was fun but very quiet (Emilee hasn't been here for a few days). Justus now walks out of German class with me. I am kinda glad I have a buddy in that class to hang out with. I really don't fit in with Monica and her friends, and I wish I knew Mackenzie (Franzosich as Keleigh likes to call her) better. She seems pretty cool. In composition literature we are now reading To Kill a Mockingbird. It is a good book, but I hate having to read a certain amount every night. In choir Jessica Krulek has been surprisingly nice to me Our choir is getting close to Choral Festival and I have a feeling we will do just fine Oh crap... I have to study my German map... ^^;

Well I did that and now back to my entery. When I got home I had to make my portfolio for my interview at ArtWorks. I really want to work there, and if I get in it will look good on my art record. I went and I was super nervous. The ladies were very nice and just asked me questions. When they looked through my portfolio one asked me, "Have you ever considered going to the Disney animators art camp?" That really was very flattering to me. They both seemed to like me. If I get in we will be making "mini calders". You know the big, red scuplture in downtown GR? We are making those except smaller. I hope I get in... They said 70 something kids signed up to be interviewed, and only 32 kids will be accepted. That's less than half. I have a feeling I went over well though.

When my mom came and picked me up we went to New China and got some Chinese food to bring home. Linda (the owner) is pregnant! I am so happy for her. She already has a little boy and a little girl so I guess there is no preferance. I hope the pregnancy was expected though.

After eating I went downstairs and started to play DDR max. I am now on Maniac/Heavy mode!!! I am so proud *laughs*. But wow it is much more of a workout than on the Standard and Basic modes. I bet Katie will be proud of me.

Speaking of my Kittie Katie, I need to talk to you! Maybe you can come to my house this weekend and see our puppy. We also will be watching Louie so we need all the help we can get! I miss you a lot Katie, and I figured something out! So please call me or get online as soon as you can. I started singing the paper heart song when I thought of you!

I called Joe yesterday. It was his birthday and I wanted to make him smile. It kinda stinks... All he got for his birthday is clothes (I love clothes but I would want other stuff you know?) Also, he got sick on his birthday! I felt so bad for him. He told me to call him today so I did. He seems interested in ArtWorks and hopefully will apply for the summer opening. He also seemed to have a fascination with the Disney Animation camp. It would be so much fun to spend a month or so with him... *sighs* I said something about love and he got all thinking and was trying to make me talk about us...

Well I must go

Love y'all

Jessie~ The girl who gots a stinky puppy
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02-05-04 11:08pm

Wow. Updating on Woohu.


All science movies that you don't watch on your own time are boring.

I love that book.

Good luck!

Love ya.

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Re:, 02-06-04 3:36pm

lol yeah i really want to write more at woohu.. I would like to keep some of my friends i have made here! Well love you too


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02-07-04 1:04pm

wow, it's been a long while since you've updated on woohu.

i miss you too, this weekend is a rather not so good to visit you/me weekend because i'm babysitting every night. I babysat last night, i'm babysitting tonight, and i'm babysitting tomorrow night. Plus the fact that my dad is home from his business trip (if only for a couple of days) makes me want to stick around the home perimeter and bug him half to death about movies to watch and teaching me how to use our cd burner ^_^

update again soon! we've gotta figure this whole "let's get together" dealy out.

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