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epicyclebanana (profile) wrote,
on 2-10-2004 at 1:38pm
Subject: A confession... because I need to do it.
(I express myself better in written word than in spoken.) This entire schpiel is completely and utterly random and the thoughts are not meant to flow together in any way, so I apologize for that.

The past 17 years, I've felt like my life's just been a giant movie. Or a dream. I question reality, and I think a lot differently than other people do. It annoys, sometimes even saddens, me that I can't relate to a lot of people's philosophies or theories or beliefs. I lie a lot too. I like getting attention. I like having people believe I'm someone that I'm not. That's why I exaggerate a lot of things too. To everyone that I've ever spoken more than 5 words to: don't believe everything I say, especially if I'm telling a story, it was all just a ruse to get people to like me or think I'm someone I'm not. For this I apologize.

But now for the truth... what I know, what I believe, what I want, what I need, etc. Truth, blunt truth, and nothing more. Nothing less, either.
I know that this college (UNH) is where I'm supposed to be, and music is the path I'm meant to be on, it's the lifeblood that keeps me going and sane. I've written so many songs that I'm afraid to let my family hear because they're opinions are really the only ones I care about.

Being here at UNH, I've never been happier. I know that I'm human, that I make mistakes. I know I've done things I shouldn't, but that's all part of the living process. Trying new things is part of growing up, and I've been forced to do that way before my due time. But I deal with it, and I'm still alive. I'm still sane. I'm not suicidal, I'm not a junkie, I don't live on the streets, I'm not a drunk, I'm not a prostitute, I'm not an idiot. All my life I've never wanted anybody's help. I still don't.

I love my family. I have trouble showing this sometimes, usually because I'm afraid of how I may appear or the repercusions that may ensue. And, everyone in my family already has this preassumed belief that I'm the unloving nonemotional black sheep. Maybe I am, maybe I'm just going along with what everyone thinks because it'll take too much effort to change it. Also, I don't share a lot of the same ideals and beliefs, and because they are usually so adamant about these ideals/beliefs, it hurts me to not at least pretend to follow. I want to make them happy. I'm the exactly the person they want me to be, I am myself and no one will ever change that, but I also want them to be happy for me. I'm not going to be a rich successful lawyer or a doctor or something... I'm going to be a recording engineer / part-time performing musician. And that's what'll make me happy. In keeping myself happy, I'm hoping that my family will be equally as happy.

I never liked FL. I love my family, but they seem to think that just because I never liked FL means that I don't care about them. I'm more comfortable in the north, and they need to understand. Moving from NJ right before 7th grade had such an impact on me that my parents don't seem to understand. They don't get that throughout middle school and high school I never really had any good close best friends, with the exception of a selected few. I was ignored, ridiculed, mentally tortured. When you're 12 years old and going through all of this, of course it'll be engrained on your mind: "I want to get out of here." In coming up to CT, I had the opportunity to start anew, where nobody knew my name. And I've made some of the best friends ever here. I still love my friends and family in NJ, and I still love my friends and family in FL. I had fun times during my 6 years in FL, but that's done and over with, it's time for a new chapter in life.

As far as what I believe: I believe in God. I believe that there's something to look forward to after death. I don't believe in abortion or cloning. I don't like tarot cards or horoscopes or astrology. Yes, I'll look at my daily horoscope every once in a while, but this is always for laughs. I believe that religion should be between me and Christ, no one else. I will believe whatever I want, and others can believe what they want, it's their choice. God gave the human race free will, and we should take advantage of it. I don't like mission trips or evangelizing because of this. I think church day camps are a nice idea, but those kids are going to make their own decisions when they're older anyways. If somebody has a question inquiring about what I believe or what my religion's about, then I'll answer those questions gladly with no bias whatsoever. But I won't go up to random people with a "You need Jesus" speech. I can't bring myself to do that.

I listen to music with curse words. I'm not one of those people who says "fuck" after every other word, but in everyday conversation the occasional "oh shit" comes up. I have control over my own linguistics, and that's how it'll stay. I know what not to say in front of people, and I try to mind my manners.

So, who am I? I'm Lana, I'm 17. I go to UNH and I love life. I love music more than any other activity in the world. I am a Christian, and I don't care what anybody says. I have a family that I love and adore, but that I don't always agree with, and I hope they can understand that. I also have friends that I care about deeply.

I don't know what else anybody really need to know. My mind's a labyrinth, and I've always been lost within it.
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02-10-04 6:40pm

Yo Lana! You're the best roommate in the world! :)

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04-04-04 3:00pm

I can relate to almost everything you said. I'm quiet, and I can't communicate with people very well. For all of my highschool years I never had anything more than acquaintances. But the world is dying in dispair. The only reason God keeps us on this earth is to give people other people the hope that we've found. Everything else is vain. And the only hope that exists in this world is through Christ. I don't believe in shoving Jesus down anyone's throat, or screaming at them that they're going to hell. But in the end, if we've befriended them and given them everything and yet not told them about Jesus and they die and go to hell, what have we accomplished? Knowing God brings such peace and fulfillment that comes from nowhere else. How can we keep that to ourselves?

Good luck with your music. I study animation, but I'll admit, music is the most powerful artform.

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So powerful, 05-09-04 12:15pm

Hello Lana, Its me Brandon again. You are such a deep thinker, Im amazed at all the realization that you have come too. I can't say that I am like you. Im very loud....well I use to be loud until some events happened. I use to go to baptist church when I was younger, and they showed me video's of the rapture at like the age of two, That has scared me on the way of God. Just resently I attended Church with a few of my friend that are Christian and It brought from the deepths ofmy depression for a bit. I try to study wicca. That has brought me a degree of happiness. Glad to hear that UNH is bringing you happiness. Someday I hope to persure a music career. I have a band right now but it just started so. Well I will continue to read. Good bye for now


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