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spud (profile) wrote,
on 4-11-2002 at 4:03pm
Current mood: happy
Music: jee - are - dee(phonetically)
hey, everyone check out the mormon name generator (no offense robbie).

i'm Archilus Calbert.

i think it's cool.
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Wierd, 04-12-02 4:15pm

Well, my full new name would be Dilson Lewise Linton. Is that really a guy's name, or are they screwing with me?

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Re: Wierd, 04-14-02 10:03pm

ha! you're a fruit! lewise. what kind of man with ten wives names himself lewise!? that's hilaryous. i have to add this to my memories

sincerely yours,
archilus calbert

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Hah, 04-18-02 7:06am

Well this is a change of pace for me. "Taralyn Blessing Ream" Ha.Interesting.

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