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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2004 at 12:33am
Current mood: okay
Music: Dive
Sorry I haven't written in a while; I have been sick almost all week. So basically just sitting around being bored and freaking out about how much homework I am going to have when I go back to school.

I went to the mall on Friday (I was finally getting better) and I bought a pink and black sweater, a bunny shirt, a cherry tank top, sea green scarf for my mom, and a earring holder with cherries on it. Then, my friend and I went and watched Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

On Saturday, I woke up early (3:00 AM) to Louie jumping on my stomach. So I let him and Gizmo out to potty. Then, Gizmo woke me up again at 7:00. I got up but my mom had woken up and took care of it. Finally, I got back to bed and woke up at about 11:00. When I woke up my friend went home. My mom told me that I should go back to bed so I did and then she yelled at me saying that I was not supposed to be in bed but watching the dogs, and we started to argue. I hate arguing with everyone, but when I argue with my mom I always feel like crap. She started to yell and I started to cry and everything went down. So yeah then my dad decided to jump on the band wagon and scream at me too. It was eventually over (thank the Lord), and at the end of the day we were watching TV together. I tried to call Joe yesterday, but he wasn't home... He went out to dinner with his dad and some of his friends. So that was a bummer. I wanted to tell him something.

Oh I got accepted into the Art Works company and my first job is the 26th. I am uber excited!

Yesterday was much better than Saturday. I had a good day watching the dogs Louie and Gizmo. I danced for an hour on HVY mode.

Today has been all right Louie went home. It's kinda sad cause that will be the last I really get to see him *sniffles*. He was really getting on my mom's nerves though.

I am going to call Joe tonight and fuss at him about V-day ^^;. I still feel a bit under the weather so yeah bye bee


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02-16-04 4:19pm

youre back!!! ::glomps::

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Re:, 02-16-04 10:12pm

yes i am oneesama!

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02-16-04 10:27pm

Feel better!!


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