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Kamron (profile) wrote,
on 2-17-2004 at 12:52am
So yeah, it's been a good long while since I've updated, and tonight I feel the need to talk, so here it goes. So yeah, this evening I met Jackie at Japanese night at Schuler's on Alpine and we hung out there for a while. Somewhere near to two hours. But at the same time we didn't get any privacy and so we didn't really get to talk. Anyways, afterward I had the choice of going to Jackie's for probably about an hour, or going out to play some pool with my friend Kovach. Figuring that this would last longer and it was the regular pool night, I went with pool. Apparently it was the wrong choice because all night I was missing Jackie, even though I know our time together would have been limited. Now I'm sad, and I miss her so much. I just wish she was here right now, even if she was asleep so that I could keep her warm and just watch her. Sometimes I can't believe how much I love her. Spring break (both mine and hers) is going to be tougher than I expected.
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02-17-04 6:13am

I know hun. I miss you too. But you get to see me today after work, so we can have our time then. I love you so much.

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04-14-04 9:20pm

Your $2.00USD have been received. Thank you.

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07-01-04 11:48pm

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I'm sorry that you couldn t be anytthing that I wanted you to be, but your warmth is everlasting in the peacifiulness that is what you cannot that is what you cannot that wish that you could enter into the wired/-wier-ededeajhrtkajwrti-

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