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sinceibeenlovinyou (profile) wrote,
on 3-27-2004 at 12:16am
Current mood: lonely
Music: Smashing Pumpkins-Shame
Subject: When I Neglect This Journal, Really It's a Good Thing
It hasnt been a woohu moment, but I have felt shitty. Just alone really. I want love. Thats all. Someone to hold, that's all. Spontaneous love, that's all. Just someone who has the same interest has me and we can stay up all night laughing and talking about music and politics, without artificial enhancers. That's all I want, is that really too much to ask? I dont think it is. Why is my door open? I should fix that, hold on...

Anyway back to topic, I want to be set free just so I can meet people. Im feeling things Im not supposed to feel until Im like, 16. God Im screwed up. I need help, but they never listen when I say I do. Or they think Im following everyone else when I say I need help. Well, I'm not. I really do need something.
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04-05-04 9:54pm

i know the feeling...

damn we need another like jimmy carter.... save the earth...

got suicidal intentions??

relax don't do it
when you want to go through with it
relax don't do it


so morbid..
and yet planeteer like

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Re:, 04-05-04 10:05pm

haha, thanks, ill add you to my friends list

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