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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2004 at 7:58pm
Current mood: indifferent
Music: "Like a Shooting Star"
Today was pretty much a bummer. I wanted to go to the movies and the mall but NOT ONE of my friends was home! I was really bummed, and I called Lizziegh, but she didn't want to hang out so I thought "Screw you."

I also got a tad frusterated when I looked for my Composition Literature paper, and found out it didn't save so I had to start it all over *groans* It's going all right, but it's hard to write the way "Barth the Bitch" wants you to.

It was cute because when I was bumming in my room listening to music, Gizmo came in and started giving me doggie kisses. He's a sweet puppy.

I'm so happy I have gotten to talk to Joe all this week ^.^. He is really someone who is not fickle, you know? Some of my friends use me and other people only when they need them, but he isn't like that. He is genuinly sweet. I kind of want to talk to him, I might give him a call later tonight or tomorrow.

I made a batch of almond cookies today. They are yummy, but I needed A LOT of help from my mom.... Let's just say I am... cooking impaired??? I am glad I didn't burn them though (^^;) that's what happened last time I made cookies.

After dinner, I went downstairs and danced for over an hour. DDR is so much fun, and it is a good way to take stress off of me

I guess I had a bad day because I couldn't sleep at all last night... (Probably because I forgot to take my sleeping pills) I took a Drixoral because I didn't feel good, and my mom said that that would work as a sleeping pill... I guess not on me! I was wide awake until 1:45 watching old episodes of "Sanford and Son" and "All in the Family" (hey there was nothing on....) I still couldn't sleep it must have been another half an hour before I got into semi-sleep. Then, I woke up at 6:30 with my dog, and I was about to take him out when my mom came up. I tried to go back to sleep but it was really difficult.

I called my Kittie Katie today, and she still has mono really bad. I am really surprised how bad it is for her. I miss her though... I haven't seen her in a few moons.

Well I don't know what else to write about


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04-09-04 9:22pm


Aw, she misses you too.

Love you.

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04-10-04 1:47pm

Your $2.00USD has been received. Thank you.

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Re:, 04-10-04 5:24pm

no problem ^^

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