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charlie (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2004 at 10:16pm
Subject: Ralph's Message to YOU
Abraham Lincoln envisioned a democracy of, by and for the people. Yet today we live in a country where corporate power has hijacked our democracy and taken control of our major political parties, our economy and our culture.

All mass movements have started with a mobilized citizenry in a struggle for justice --from the populist progressive farmers of the 19th Century to the women suffragists, labor unions and the civil rights movement.

Forty years ago I launched a movement against unsafe cars because I believed that a handful of people, if their cause was just, could stand up and defeat General Motors, the most powerful corporation in the world. It gradually became clear there was a common link between unsafe cars, contaminated drinking water, destruction of rain forests, and collapsing job opportunities etc.-- and that link was runaway unaccountable corporate power.

In the 1960s and 70s, the people, prominently including younger Americans, channeled their energy against the Vietnam War into a political movement to create the Environmental Protection Agency, to establish the Freedom of Information Act, the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, and to help us found dozens of citizens groups.

Today we are at a critical point in history and you have an opportunity to lead a mobilization that shapes your future. Both corporate-controlled political parties are taking our country over a cliff, the Democrats are just doing it a little slower. There are political pundits who are telling you to accept the lesser of two evils, to support an overall pro-war, pro-corporate globalization party, and put your idealism on the shelf. I, like many of you, have reached a breaking point with the two-party system. It either must be driven toward the people or driven out in the coming years. You have a choice drop out or drop-in.
This campaign is a call to action for the young people of America.

We need a world where politics is activated by vision, not fear, where media is created by people, not corporations, where energy is produced more from the sun and less from oil, where business is driven by human need, not greed, and where foreign policy is dedicated to justice -- not war. No Justice, No Peace.

We need your energy, your passion, and your commitment to help build a more just, equitable world a world of happiness and the fulfillment of human possibilities. We are developing a 12 year plan to help young Americans to take control of their future and change our political system.

We invite you to join with us in this effort and urge you to pass this message on to all your family, friends, classmates, and instant messaging buddies. Together, we can declare our own independence from corporate rule.

Ralph Nader
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04-10-04 5:30am

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Re:, 04-12-04 4:46pm

actually it's rum. Bacardi Light Dry to be exact

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04-10-04 9:27am

i must say that i approve of your new avatar.

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04-10-04 10:50pm

I can see how something like this needs to be started. The democrats are almost as bad as the republicans, and America needs a third option. I just don't see why it has to be now, when it might ensure 4 more years of Bush. In 2008, when there's no risk of someone like Bush, then I can solidly support Nader, if he chooses to run.

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Re:, 04-12-04 3:01pm

There's a wonderful paradox in the two party system. One it inherantly sucks, you only have two choices, two its wonderful because you have a choice. The problem is we no longer have a choice, they're all the same.

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Re:, 04-12-04 4:46pm

is John Kerry really that different?

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