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mudpiegrl (profile) wrote,
on 4-20-2004 at 12:08am
Current mood: hopeful
Music: mix
Subject: to my friends...
i want to tell you all how beautiful you are.

physical beauty is nothing in comparison to what i have learned of you in the short period i have known you.

this is to:
hul sorry if your name isnt listed... you're in there too...i just didnt think relaly hard...

i want to tell you all how beautiful you are.

some people i have told....but recently...
hearing your voices and watching your movement...
seeing your tears fall and your mouths crack open into careless laughs...
your hearts are pure...some are corrupt...
but as they were born pure, they remain pure.

youre strong, whether you can lift 250 or if you have suffered all your life...

your pain is like carbs turned into turns into strength.

the pain you feel will one day help you to not fall vulnerable in the most important situations.

you are like ready to burst...but it isnt time yet....

when you do emerge...

slowly but surely....

your beauty will become apparent...if it is not already blooming...

someone will pick you and love you, stare at you day after day...smell you and smile at you...

and even when you die...

you will be remembered...

as the girl who survived so much in her childhood...

as the kid who suffered so much from one person and still was optimistic...

as the girl who cryed herself to sleep so much from loneliness, but still listened to whines of stupid things....

as the person who kept what was close in the hardest times...

youll forever be in my memory....

no matter how far away you are...

i love you...


and forever...

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04-20-04 3:54pm

That was beautiful...

I love you.

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04-20-04 10:24pm

i love you jorie moore so much

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04-21-04 10:07pm


That's so beautiful!


You rock.


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04-21-04 10:07pm

I'm not in there

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Re:, 04-22-04 6:29pm

yea you are...

this is the issue...if i went through and put everyones names, first of all, it would be boring...second of all, if i left one person out, i would get shit for it...

another reason is just cuz i didnt think hard...

i wrote jen and things issue from there...look how far down neil is on the list...

dont worry about it goli, i love you

and you are included

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04-22-04 7:21pm

That's so sweet. Your friends are lucky.

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Re:, 04-22-04 11:04pm


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Re:, 04-22-04 11:41pm

do you wanna be my friend too?

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Re: Re:, 04-23-04 5:24pm

[points to self] Me? 'Twould be an honor!

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04-26-04 7:38pm

My day just got a lot better. Love you.

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