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lilschaub (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2004 at 9:35pm
For the longest time I have been thinking that its you that I want back in my life but after I talked to you and saw how much you have changed I realize that its not you I want its what we had together or what I thought we had. It made me think that I never really wanted you back I just missed being in love and having that one person whos always there for you. I just want that feeling back.
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sup girl, 05-11-04 12:15am

hey sorry bout what courtney said, she didnt give details but im sorry anyways, but ya im glad you moved on, cause what you said is what its all about.its just a need for someone to be there. Well i hope youve been doin as good as i have. im movin to Florida on thursday so if i dont ever get a hold of you know why even thou i know you prolly dont give a shit about some mean ass bastard (right?) Well i hope you can find someone who can care about you more then i did which sounds like kev did, peace out girl scout, im out

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Re: sup girl, 05-11-04 10:58am

I am glad you found someone new that really cares about you. Me and kevin went out for a week it was nothing really but i have someone now so I guess I am doing good. But I am sure this will prolly be the last time i ever talk to you or whatever so have fun in Florida!

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07-01-04 7:47pm

People don't ever change, but you should have sex with them.

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