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drowning-in-you (profile) wrote,
on 5-17-2004 at 11:11pm
Current mood: scared
Music: Metallica - Unforgiven II
Subject: so i freaked...*oi*
well the day was just kinda went a bit down at the end of the night...

i started my period there at joey's house so that sucked...then i got emotional...& freaked out...

i was so gung-ho bout being w/ him & stuff from prom, but i flipped...i got scared of what could happen...

i explained to him that i'm very afraid of things like for instance my family alone, i witnessed bout 3 divorces & known of 2 or 3 others very close to's not cool...i freaked out on that...& also it came back to missing amber...

i'm getting tired, so long story short...joey held me close while i cried at the park & assured me that things will be great for us...& for once, i put my trust in that knowing he is right....

i love you joel...happy one year anniversary sweetie... :D later...
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05-23-04 5:31pm

Marriage? It's just some weird thing. Don't ask me who made it up but no one says that you have to get married in a relationship to let it be perfect...I think that's bullshit. Why are you thinking bout it anyway? You got your own live and just because some other people had like divorces doesn't mean you'll have to if your gonna marry heheh...that would be just weird. How old are you anyway? Don't you think it's like a bit to soon to think bout that?

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Re:, 05-25-04 1:45am

well that's my thing, i grew up with divorces all around me, my dad has divorced twice, my mom is getting separated from her second husband, my step-mom is having problems with her ex-husband, not to mention my dad, & i watched my grandparents divorce not too long ago...i'm just not comfortable with the idea and that's what freaks me out sometimes...

i'm 17, don't ask why i'm thinking bout it, that's just me...i guess you could say i'm too much of a hardcore hopeless romantic! later

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Re: Re:, 05-25-04 11:19am

well my mom divorced like twice so at some point i can kinda figure...people just dunt have patience with getting someone to love....they need one as fast as possible when they can....dunt u think thats kinda lame? ah a freak so i wuldnt know hehehehe
UbyEZ and good luck ^-^

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