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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 5-22-2004 at 12:00am
Current mood: indescribable
Music: "Let There Be Peace on Earth"
Subject: This is for you, Hana Brady
I read the most inspiring book tonight. It is called Hana's Suitcase. It is about this 11 year old girl who is a Jew in the early 1940's. I met her though this book, and I feel as though I have come to know her.

Why did she and so many others have to die??? Why did the Nazis kill so many? Because they were Jewish... They still believe in God, just not Jesus. The Lord said ,however, that no matter what the Jewish would be in his heart and in heaven.

There is no difference between you, me or any other person in this world. We all laugh cry and love. She died at Auschwitz at the age of 13. She was gassed. Why do we hate over religions and race? We are all the same, and we all have the rights to believe the way we want. I personally do not believe that Christianity is the only right religion (don't get me wrong, I am a born again Christian and that is my religion). I believe we all have the right to get in Heaven, if we love and admire the "God" we are close to.

When I read this story, I found out how petty and foolish we all are today. We say we "hate" boys or girls because they are rude or obnoxious. But do we really hate them??? I wish we could all live in peace. I want to make a difference in this world. I want to help destroy the hate.

Hana was so young... She did not start the war, and she did not do anything wrong. The Nazis just took her mother, her father, her brother and herself. The only one still alive today is her brother, George Brady.

Some of her drawings are in the book, and it just makes me realize how similar people are. How I can feel what she is drawing. She was so beautiful... inside and out... Loving everyone who would love her.

Why was she killed? Because of hate, and we lost many many more people because of it.

I want to see her someday, when I go to heaven. I want her to know how much she has meant to me, even though I only read about her.

She loved her brother George, he was her truest hero. He was heart broken when he found out she was killed.

Please God, let us all go to Heaven if we believe in you, no matter what we call you, be it God, Jevhovah, or even Great Spirit, we love you and your ways.

Hana Brady, I will always remeber you from this day forward


P.S. If any of you disagree with my view on religions or this whole entery, please do not force your view upon me.
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