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kangabunny (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2004 at 9:18pm
Current mood: dizzy
Music: Down in A Hole-Alice in Chains
Subject: Sand rains down and here I sit, holding rare flowers...
This is very beautiful song. I listen to it all the time, and it makes me feel like I'm among angels.

I went down to Tuscany's and got stuff and a coke. Then I sat outside and people-watched, and wrote the story of my death. It wasn't morbid, and I think only people "from the outside" (I guess) could find it disturbing. Lol.
I had fun. Go cafes, cameras, and notebooks.

Lol, that idea came up on friday. [lj] The rest of the pics are in my photobucket and at my new lil artistic site. eee.

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05-23-04 10:37pm

LOL... I like that. :)

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05-25-04 4:17pm

Awww... You're so pretty, Pixie.
The site wasn't working for me earlier so I looked at it just now.
How did you do that sky thing???
I love the zoloft thinger, by the way ;)

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Re:, 05-25-04 5:40pm

shut up, I know those are crap pictures of me! XP

I was so drunk in the hat picture. :D.
The sky thing was with Photodraw... it was really easy actually...


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