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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2004 at 12:51am
Current mood: sad
I dun feel like writing in here anymore...

see yall later....

I think i have had my fill

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05-31-04 7:18pm

[sad face] Okay. Are you going to be hanging around woohu at all, or are you just moving on to broader horizons?

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05-31-04 10:31pm

I'm sorry, hun, but guilt trips just don't work. Arguments take two parties to complete.

I love you and I hope this'll sort itself out with time.

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06-22-04 8:10pm

good, what you did was bad

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07-01-04 7:52pm

The last comment I made more sense when I wrote it.

You can only have your full of life, because nothing else will kill you but death, not even bullets!

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