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thoughtskill (profile) wrote,
on 6-9-2004 at 12:26am

happy `15th birthday jillane elizabeth dahms..
y0ur 0lder then me n0w =/ .. i l0ve y0ou s0 much babii d0ll !!
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, 06-09-04 12:42am

Thank yoo babii gurl. <3.
I luhver y0o soo much!!
*im not older than
you, im not older*=(

*mwuz luhv y0o* <3.

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, 06-13-04 8:59pm

s0rry but y0u are 0lder =[

i l0ve y0u - x0x

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Re: Re:

, 06-13-04 11:37pm

Dammit no im not!! <3.

lol why did you answer all mah comments t nite?

1. Did you getbored? or
2. did you like jus see them or sumthing?
3. did you jus check ur email to find all these notices lol.

Oh well either way..i still luhv u soo much. <3.

im not older im not older..

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