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noahfects (profile) wrote,
on 6-12-2004 at 6:33pm
this is the last entry. im at sarashs party, i love her so is also here.i love her to and sam. gradutaion rocked. and ther trip cpld not have been any better.this is it. high sschool is on its way.. i hung out with grant and keely and missy and sarah. grant is very good cna i have a cigarette -missy haha i love you....

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07-02-04 12:06am

sabrina the world is with yku in the end of all time that canb frewe - fell -feel in the end of theworld that could be hapopy in a potato0 well miss you so much we love you and I used to read you r journal secretly but you dstopped i hopeed wit was a fleike but it wasnt'.

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Re:, 07-02-04 12:04pm

hey..thanks but..who is this?lol

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08-04-05 10:44pm

do you have an invitation code? if so may i Pleaz have it?

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