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Sputnik (profile) wrote,
on 6-17-2004 at 10:06am
Babysitting again. It's fun though. They just run around anddo as I tell them. Except they play Grand Theft Auto Behind my back. Who ever said little kids (as cute as these guys) could pretend to run around highjacking cars and killing people for money were very mistaken. Anyways, she pays in advance and gives me extra money to roam about town with the kids.So far they've gotten me lost (twice) and I took them for a short cut which turned out to be a dead end.OOOps. Go figure.
"Are we lost,Becca?"
"Of course not guys! I just have no idea where we are is all."
I think that's were they caught on that I am really not as cool as I seem.

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06-17-04 7:50pm

Oh Becca you are definitely cool. I mean, seriously, you've got these 2 kids and you're convincing them that you guys are not lost. (which is good) Hello! Kidnapping!? Haha
I love ya and I'm going to miss you!

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07-01-04 7:39pm

I know a girl named Becca. She eats ants and has sex with girls.

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Re:, 07-09-04 2:45am

what a coincidence, so does our becca! Although this becca prefers male spiders to ants.

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Re: Re:, 09-07-04 9:57pm

Wow. do you ever get me wrong?
You know me better than myself.

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