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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 6-21-2004 at 9:34pm
Current mood: _blah_
Music: hands down--- dc
im in ky right now. i got in yesterday. fun shit. um me n beckers got in at like 10 am yesterday.. got home. loren came over. and then kelsey and we rented feardotcom and had pics developed of me devin chris and becky at the bowling ally.. more fun shit!! lol. um diz woke up at 2 in the morning yelling at us b/c we were cheering. lol. we went outside and did builds. of course i was the frickin flyer. um. threw my backhandspring. becky is the bestest spotter in the world. kinda got my scorpion back. lol. havnt done it in like 3 years. lol. ummm then today we went to the mall and i bought $130 worth of stuff in 3 hours!!! :(.. but realli cute stuff!!!!!
n then loren kelsey becky n i went to lazarus ( a furniture place in therr kick ass mall) and we were like jumpin on the mattresses. evn more fun shit. n omg andy looks like SO different.. he walked up n talked to me and i didnt evn kno who he was at first. he looks like a dam abercrombie model!! more of them bailey!! i keep running into them. lmao. ne ways.. i just wanted to say that me n chriss pony is better then calli and mikes cow. lol. im playing girlie!! i love you. but mah pony is better. like 11 ppl sed so in your journal. lol. and that wasnt me. ne who. loren was like screaming catalyst in the mall.. screaming!! lol. and she found out that i can moon walk so she like asked random ppl if they wanted to see me. dum ass. lol. n now im in becky's room, shes in the shower. so ima go.. but ne body who wants to come to brookwood tomorrow we'll be therr. love ya kiddies (sorry andi, i stoled it) lol
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06-22-04 8:27am

me n mikes dam cow is better lol...if its chriss pony hows it cute?? lol j/k but still...our cow n pig is so much better...n i see you didnt get me ne thing...alil conceited.. :( lol im j/k but love yas..
cant wait to hang out!!!
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, 06-23-04 11:38am

i have been soo bored lately. ive commented in like.. all your entrys.. lol .. i love ya t0o much babez.. i cant wait to take you to that *secret* nifty place .. [ i hope we end up goin ] y0ull l0ve it .. hurry back !!!
tatter t0t & fr0stii 4---->

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, 06-23-04 12:47pm

uh.. yeah shannons comin wif us!! i found out where it is.. THE BEACH!! lol. ok i lied.. i have no idea where we're going..
tater t0t & fr0stii 4-----> x5 lol love ya!

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Re: Re:

, 06-23-04 1:02pm

haha.. nice try y0ull never find out *evil laugh* tatter t0t -n- fr0stii 4---------------> x10 =] l0l love y0uz 2 much x0x0x0 <3 bRiTt

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